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Issue 245 - September 2020
DaBelly Issue 245 - Late Night Savior and Pyramid Theorem 
Late Night Savior - After managing to garner over 7.5 million streams worldwide independently, Utah based hard rock band Late Night Savior was opening eyes in the record industry. With two...  READ MORE

Pyramid Theorem - Canadian-based progressive metal quartet Pyramid Theorem has released their new album “Beyond The Exosphere.” This five-track opus demonstrates the significant growth...  READ MORE

Static-X - We live in a strange world! Wayne Static is sorely missed. After passing away in 2014, most believed that Static-X would drift into the myth and folklore of music...  READ MORE

Crack Rabbit - The Crack Rabbit sound is an infusion of alerrnitive and punk with a heavy dose of raw emotion. The delivery is what you want from any band - honest and too the point...  READ MORE

Bourbon House - Wisconsin is famous for trees, rolling hills, crisp air and people living honest lives.  Integrity and a strong work ethic is commonplace in the people...  READ MORE

Violent Idols - Violent Idols has been scratching out a bit of notoriety. Their first big win came in the form of “Unscripted Violence,” the theme song for wrestling superstar...  READ MORE

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