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Issue 235 - November 2019
DaBelly Issue 235 - Sabaton, The Hu and Alien Weaponry 
Sabaton - Sabaton have released their ninth studio album, “The Great War.” Normally this would indicate that the band has had a busy year. But there’s far more...  READ MORE

The Hu - You must have heard of “The Hu.” They're that traditional Mongolian hard rock band that has been lighting up YouTube and salling out shows accross America....  READ MORE

Alien Weaponry - Alien Weaponry is unique partly because they sing many of the songs in the Māori language, also known as te reo. The band called into DaBelly to discuss the...  READ MORE

Lacuna Coil - Lacuna Coil is on tour and back in America. Frequent visitors on these shores, this time they come with their new record, “Black Anima.” The album drops...  READ MORE

Toothgrinder - It seems like Toothgrinder is always on the road. By owning the term “Road Dogs.” the band has built a solid following through extensive touring and great...  READ MORE

Strength Betrayed - Strength Betrayed is a faith based hard rock band from Dunn, North Carolina. Thomas Smith (vocals/guitar), Jacob Hair (guitar}, Taylor Smith (drums) and Seth Altman (bass)...  READ MORE

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