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Issue 230 - June 2019
DaBelly Issue 230, June 2019 
GEARS - Gears is a band from Miami, FL which consists of Jimmy Wooten (drums) and Trip Six (vocals). Itలobable that you堣aught them live at some point...  READ MORE

Dropout Kings - The Dropout Kings surprised many when they erupted from Phoenix, AZ. Some felt that nu-metal was so 15 years ago while others realized that the genre was...  READ MORE

Antony H䭤l䩮en - Whenever you hear Antony H䭤l䩮en (Nightrage, Nervosia, Armageddon, Meridian Dawn,ﲤj䲶i) is involved in a new project, or doing guest vocals on an album...  READ MORE

Ice Nine Kills - Ice Nine Kills have released their fifth studio album and arguably their best record to date,䨥 Silver Scream.ɦ you know INK, they堡re best known...  READ MORE

Yngwie Malmsteen - Singer/songwriter and guitar master Yngwie Malmsteen released his first solo album, 鳩ng Force,鮠1984 and the title cut was nominated for a Grammy for...  READ MORE

Children of Bodom - Children of Bodom are on tour in support of their latest record, 帥d,䨥ir tenth studio album which was released March 8th, 2019. The album is a throwback...  READ MORE

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