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Issue 225 - January 2019
Unearth - Sometimes we just lose control. Thatís my story and Iím sure youíll understand why when you watch this video featuring an interview with a portrait of...  READ MORE

Alien Weaponry - Alien Weaponry is a young New Zealand band that recently completed their first-ever tour of America. The band is remarkable in many ways Ė first of all...  READ MORE

Video Game Bands - The Retro City Festival will be held in Pomona, California Jan. 5 and 6. It is an event celebrating video games with an arcade, pinball, console museum...  READ MORE

Goatwhore - Iíve seen Goatwhore live several times and I must admit they are one of my favorite old school death metal bands. Theyíve not only survived but...  READ MORE

Joyous Wolf - Joyous Wolf is a Southern California hard rock band thatís surprising many. They are a group of 20-somethings that are twisting up and owning a genre...  READ MORE

JINJER - Jinjer is a Ukrainian metalcore band formed in 2009. Consisting of Tatiana Shmailyuk, Roman Ibramkhalilov, Eugene Abdiukhanov and Vladislav Ulasevich...  READ MORE

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