2002 pictures in review

Wow, our third year.  Who would've thought?!?!  It's been a long road and looking around, I think we're glad to be here.  This has been a turbulent year for us here at DaBelly, one of significant change.  We have struggled to overcome our personal set backs and have rejoiced with our successes.  We hope our behind the scenes efforts remained as invisible as possible and in the end I believe we have succeeded in offering you a quality publication.  We are proud of our contribution but more proud that you have taken the time to discover DaBelly each month.

As we, the DaBelly staff reflect upon these pictures we are reminded just how lucky we are to be working for you.  So once again I must say, On behalf of the entire DaBelly staff we say thank you for being a part of our dreams.

Click on the thumbnails below to view the year that was 2002.  And don't forget to checkout our past years too...

Year in pictures 2000 and 2001.

Biohazard  Jan 2002 By Dave Schwartz
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Dokken  Feb 2002 By Keith Durflinger
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Sonny Barger
  Feb 2002 By Keith Durflinger
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Disturbed By Keith Durflinger
DS3.jpg (55944 bytes)  DS4.jpg (33529 bytes)

Bill "Buddha" Dickens By Dave Schwartz
Buddha 2.jpg (27539 bytes)  Buddha and 2.jpg (43132 bytes)  Buddha and 4.jpg (34157 bytes)

Judas Priest
  Mar 2002 By John Raber
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Gravity Kills
  Mar 2002 By Dave Schwartz
GK01.jpg (57761 bytes)  GK03E.jpg (67427 bytes)  GK04E.jpg (189482 bytes)
  GK02E.jpg (42010 bytes)
GK05E.jpg (58566 bytes)  GK10E.jpg (67486 bytes)  GK11E.jpg (36910 bytes)

Belly Dance  Mar 2002 By Daniel Quinajon
belly.jpg (365858 bytes)

Dream Theater  Apr 2002 By Dave Schwartz
DTLaBrie1E.jpg (158754 bytes)  DTLaBrie2E.jpg (128928 bytes)  DTMyung2E.jpg (148769 bytes)  DTMyung3E.jpg (123942 bytes)
  DTMyung4E.jpg (152011 bytes)
DTMyung5E.jpg (868360 bytes)  DTPetrucci1.jpg (221486 bytes)  DTPetrucci2.jpg (143516 bytes)  DTPetrucci3E.jpg (119087 bytes)  DTPetrucci4.jpg (166448 bytes)
DTPortnoy2E.jpg (116852 bytes)  DTPortnoy3.jpg (213372 bytes)  DTPortnoy1.jpg (224597 bytes)  DTRudess1E.jpg (140390 bytes)  DTRudess2E.jpg (144240 bytes)

Brother  May 2002 By Keith Durflinger
BR03.jpg (58798 bytes)  BR01.jpg (75130 bytes)  BR02.jpg (72942 bytes)  BR07.jpg (137668 bytes)

Motorhead  Jun 2002 By Daniel Quinajon
MHmotorhead1E.jpg (125569 bytes)  MHmotorhead2E.jpg (125568 bytes)

Tommy Lee  Jul 2002 By Daniel Quinajon
tl3.JPG (78755 bytes)  tl1.JPG (57665 bytes)  tl2.JPG (51935 bytes)

Erotica LA 2002
  Jul 2002 By Daniel Quinajon
ELAstiffliquid.JPG (54524 bytes)  ELAstiffliquid2.JPG (64389 bytes)  ELAstripper.JPG (102208 bytes)  ELAtearpatrick.JPG (84991 bytes)

RUSH  Oct 2002 By Dave Schwartz
RU-GEDDY01E.jpg (45071 bytes)  RU-GEDDY05E.jpg (47697 bytes)  RU-GEDDY07E.jpg (44013 bytes)  RU-GEDDY12E.jpg (53762 bytes)  RU-GEDDY13E.jpg (59074 bytes)
RU-ALEX01E.jpg (51195 bytes)  RU-ALEX03E.jpg (37472 bytes)  RU-ALEX05E.jpg (55027 bytes)  RU-ALEX07E.jpg (51423 bytes)  RU-ALEX08E.jpg (41372 bytes)
RU-NEIL01E.jpg (60640 bytes)  RU-NEIL03E.jpg (56940 bytes)  RU-NEIL05E.jpg (149815 bytes)  RU-NEIL06E.jpg (209599 bytes)  RU-NEIL07E.jpg (222959 bytes)

Assorted B-Notes by Rose Botkin-Beuck
b notes - dio.jpg (24532 bytes)  b notes - indigo.jpg (21677 bytes)  b notes - scorpions.jpg (23439 bytes)  Entwistle - 1982.jpg (40492 bytes)  Hagar - b notes.jpg (52483 bytes)