2003 pictures in review

2003 was a turbulent year.  War raged in many places around our world and the struggle of mankind was both won and lost in all the usual ways.  Our hearts go out to all with loved ones who found themselves in harms way.  We are proud of you all and honored to sleep beneath the blanket of freedom you have provided. 

Here at DaBelly our job was far more frivolous.  Our job was to provide an escape from the challenges of your day, to merely entertain the many who visited us each day.  A heartfelt thanks go out to all who logged on from all corners of the world.  We look forward to serving you in the coming year.  Below you will find the fruits of our labor.  A visual recap if you will, of many people that have entertained us during 2003. 

Click on the thumbnails below to view the year that was 2003.  And don't forget to checkout our past years too...

The Years in Pictures 2000, 2001 and 2002.

B-Notes by Rose Botkin-Beuck

Chevelle by Dave Schwartz

Ronnie James Dio by Keith Durflinger

Disturbed by Dave Schwartz

Dream Theater by Dave Schwartz

Erotica LA by Dan Quinajon

Fates Warning by Dave Schwartz

(hed) PE by Keith Durflinger

Iron Maiden by Keith Durflinger

KMFDM by Dave Schwartz

KORN by Dave Schwartz

Killswitch Engage by Dave Schwartz

Marilyn Manson by Dave Schwartz

Neal Morse by Dave Schwartz

Queensryche by Dave Schwartz

Ricky Warwick by Dave Schwartz

Sworn Enemy by Dave Schwartz