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As you all can see, it's been a busy two months, and I've been away from the Old Curiosity Shop for quite a bit.  So here's the report from travels in time and space.  Live long and prosper.

Bobby Boy’s Old Curiosity Shop for May 2017

Bobby Boy has had some interesting adventures lately, while never leaving Southern California.

I started out with a trip back to an era that never really was, when Orange Empire hosted the Steampunk weekend.  It seems to have added a “cosplay” element and even included a DeLorean car fitted out with time-travel apparatus from the Back to the Future movies.

Our 1915 Pacific Electric Tower Car has a visitor from a galaxy far away.

Activate the flux capacitor!  We’re going back to the days when L.A. had Big Red Cars going in all directions.

And OERM/SCRM is one of the few Steampunk gathering places with a real, full size steam locomotive, pulling a train of vintage passenger cars.

One of my favorite songs from the 1980s is I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, from the U2 CD Joshua Tree.  This song came to mind when we fired up the Lazy Daze motorhome and trucked on out to the high desert of Yucca Valley, where we camped out next to the abode of our friends Carol and Marvin and got a taste of life in the boonies.

Although I didn’t need an orb or a scepter, I did have a coronation at the dentist’s office, where a battered molar was crowned.  The procedure was made a bit more tolerable by the view from the treatment room— the .LA. Metro Gold Line in Arcadia.

Thomas the Tank Engine leaves his “home road” on the island of Sodor (which we probably cannot locate on Google Earth, no more than we can locate Lake Wobegon MN) to visit Orange Empire for his first-ever springtime appearance.

Our stalwart side-tanker was busy all day giving rides to his young friends.

The lady in the blue shirt is my daughter Kathy, who remembers when this was the Trolley Museum, with a small group of preserved streetcars and interurbans in a sun-baked former potato patch. 

Thomas usually doesn’t haul more than two or three small English-style passenger cars, and pulling eight U.S. standard passenger cars is a bit much, so we give him some help with our 2500 hp diesel.  This unit was bought by SP the same year I joined the Museum.

Next weekend, I turned the calendar back about 400 and some years at the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale.  Hadn’t been to one for a while, and had forgotten how much fun they are.  Just the “people-watching” is worth the price of admission.

Good Queen Bess visits the shire.

One of the local thespians has just learned a passage from that up and coming playwright, Wm. Shakspere.

Forsooth!  A band of lusty wenches entertain the people with ribald ditties.

Egad!  Such comely lasses!  The one on the far right I recognize from this century as Funkyjenn, whose music soothes my soul.  Next to her is Lady Stefani.

And here’s our editor, Lady Michelle, cutting a fine figure as she dances with her swords for the Ad Hoc Consort.

As if this wasn’t enough— April 14 had been marked on my calendar for many weeks, because it was the day for the Record Release show at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica.  My favorite singer-songwriter-musician, Evie Sands was celebrating the release of her new EP CD and 12” vinyl 45, Shine for Me  Although one of the tracks had been played on the radio in December, this would be the first time all six songs would be done live.  This wasn’t my first CD release party, having been to similar gigs for Alice Wallace, Jenn Gibbons and Adam Marsland.  In addition to the new songs, Evie would perform some her old favorites, going back all the way to 1965, and some songs that haven’t been recorded (but we have hopes that they will be).

On stage at McCabe’s: L to R, Jason Berk, Teresa Cowles, Evie, Eric Vesper and Adam Marsland.

Set list for Evie’s 4-14-2017 show at McCabe’s courtesy of Adam Marsland (with annotations by Bobby Boy)

Get Up. An energetic start to the show, from her 1979 album, Suspended Animation.
Rodeo.  The opening track to Shine for Me—some of the credit goes to Evie’s husband Eric, whose main calling is the drum kit, but he was playing the guitar one day and his experimentation led to this song.
But It Did.  Another track from Shine for Me, with a message that you never can tell when something (or someone) good might happen.
Take Me For A Little While.  This is the song that should have been Evie’s first big hit, but some record industry “dirty tricks” led to it being taken out of circulation.  Friday night, Evie let us know that it’s HER song!
While I Look At You. A sultry number from Women in Prison.
Full Dose Of Love.  From the new EP.  Evie teamed up with Scott Hackwith on this one, the only co-written track.
Any Way That You Want Me. The title track from Evie’s first album, and her first chart record.
Don't Look Back, Don't Look Down. One of my favorite Sandsongs, but only recorded on the Long Promised Road live session at Brennan’s Pub.  Evie plans to do a studio version in the not too distant future.
The Last Teardrop.  I heard this about ten years ago at The Good Hurt on Venice Boulevard. It really impressed me but it has never been recorded.
Like A Rock.  No, not the Bob Seger song that Chevy was using to sell trucks.  When I told Evie that this was my favorite track, she said, “I figured you’d like it.”
Without You.  Evie points out that this is a love song without the word “love” in it.
Fingerprint Me, Baby.  A police procedural number from (what else) Women in Prison
I Can't Let Go. As soon as Teresa cranks up the bass line, we know what’s coming. Others may borrow it, but Evie OWNS it!
Why'd You Ever Say Goodbye.  One of her not-yet-recorded songs which I first heard at the Rhino pop-up show in June 2011.
A Woman's Work Is Never Done.  We could segue from this to a Helen Reddy song.
Lady Of the Night.  Maybe with a segue to a Donna Summer song.
I Love Making Love To You.  Is it hot in here or is it just the song?
Shine For Me.  Why we were all there that night—title tune from the fabulous EP
You Can Do It.  (on a DJ show I would dedicate this to all the folks at Orchard Supply Hardware)
Angel In Your Eyes.  A quieter number, to get the audience eased on down at the end of the show.  First heard at a Women in Prison promo show

And for next month, as we have done for several years now, Orange Empire Railway Museum will host the Antique Truck gathering, with all manner of neat old vehicles with rubber tires instead of steel wheels.  This will be on May 7, 2017.  For more info, see “oerm.org”.  Evie has a song for this: Gasoline and Coffee.

There’s a once-in-a-lifetime photo of this Stater Brothers classic at Devore (north of San Bernardino), with SP 4449 and UP 844 crossing the road with this rig nearby.

This Model “T” Ford looks like it’s ready to help Laurel and Hardy on their latest money-making scheme.

One year we had a Mack truck with the iconic Bulldog hood ornament, and a real live Basset Hound named Winston.  I can’t guarantee what kind of big rigs and Flivvers (or doggies) will show up this year, but there will be lots to see and streetcars and trains to ride.

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