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that sometimes even though you are willing to admit to the evils in your life, you still need to find a way to correct them? The main thing is that it is the first submission to overcoming what it is that has taken you off your beaten track. Admitting to a weakness or error in your ways is always the first step to redemption… that is, if you actually are listening to yourself and hearing what it is you are admitting to. Once you have made that connection, you then can take the next step in order to regaining that which you thought you may have lost. No one is saying it is going to be easy, as the Gods know it is a difficult road to travel. Just know that it can be done if you work hard to make it so. Most importantly it is saying the things in your life out loud to not only others but yourself. Know that it is OK to admit a wrong and then be strong enough to move past it.

Bright Blessings,

(21 March - 19 April)
You are taking time to look within to decide as to what to do next. This has you jumbled up inside. Remove that which blinds you so that you can reflect on what it is you want. Sometimes separation from the issue can bring more of a bounty than keeping within the safe zone. Seek out proper council so that you can achieve your true goal.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Air. This stone not only offers you the possibility to soar like an eagle, but it is letting you know that you must have the sight of one as well. Take time to look at things from a different perspective. This will bring more of a mental clarity on the matter at hand.


TAURUS (20 April - 20 May)
There is a time of peace and negotiations with a loved one. This treaty or new alignment seeks to strengthen the bonds between you. With this turn of events, it also allows you to rededicate yourself to your situation. You must show patience and temperance in the matter. You have a tendency to be stubborn, so do not let that interfere with what you are trying to do. Instead seek out your spiritual connection with the universe and all things will be achieved. It’s OK to think out of the box, just be sure that you are able to follow through on your ideas. 

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Peacock. There are many eyes upon you to see if you are able to follow through. With the opportunities that are plenty in front of you, you must be able to nourish your hopes and dreams so that they can prosper. Stay focused, and look out for those opportunities that only pose of ill will and illusion. For they will be the downfall you do not want.   


GEMINI (21 May - 20 June)
You have tamed the foolheartedness while still keeping what is important close to you. Although there has been times of madness about what had been going on around you, you still are focused on making your goals. There are some issues that still have you bound or restricted and here you must negotiate your terms so that you may be able to open new doors… just do so carefully. 

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Black Crow. It is time to reduce and concentrate on the efforts you are putting into motion. You must find time to regain your strength as well as rejuvenate in order to move forward.


CANCER (21 June - 22 July)
Things will be a little bit bumpy for you this month. Be sure to connect with the great force that oversees all and remain focused on what you want to achieve. It is hard work, but worth it when you start seeing it pay off. You can expect a change of scenery as well. So be prepared for the comfort that it brings. You will need it, as you find that you will need to have keen sight in a decision you will have to make. Although you feel there is peace and harmony in it, you also have some regrets. Be sure to think it through. 

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Fire. You find that you have to take intense action to make this transformation. Use wise judgment and you will be sure to overcome adversity.


LEO (23 July - 22 August)
All your maneuvering feels as if for naught, especially where love is sown. Find that place where you can find serenity and comfort. Be open to new information and ways to communicate. Hindsight is always best when you are trying to rise up out of the ashes. Choices have to be made and the right one will prove to be worthy and prosperous.  

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Water. Things are sure to get a little steamy for you, especially when emotions flow. You are very passionate about what you believe in and you must let events flow effortlessly. Be willing to adapt, persistent in your goals and patient enough to let things play out.  


VIRGO (23 August - 22 September)
Seeking out council where the heart was sown is what’s in store for you. Not all things are restricted from view when it comes to your emotions and that, my friend, you are full of this month. Be ready for a battle that actually has you bound and restricted from what you wanted to overcome. You hear unwanted news and you are about to find out that things are changing rather dramatically and quickly. Find time to reflect on your actions so that you can move past this situation.  

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Primal Matter. This brings about a self journey and self discovery. You must go deep within order to find out what it is you really want. Gather up all your resources because you will find that you will need them this month.


LIBRA (23 September - 22 October)
You not only become the teacher, but you become the student during this time of determination. You gain some insight which helps you in your determination to make things work. Don’t be naive as a child, you must reassess your current situation and be determined to rebuild during these hard times. This sense of separation has you going crazy and you must find strength in where it will lead you. 

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Philosophic Mercury. Although volatile in nature, you are able to achieve creative and intuitive answers to your current situation. Blossom from this experience with grace and you will reflect that what you wish to receive.


SCORPIO (23 October - 21 November)
Some health issues may arise this month and it is best that you address them. You're not a child who is innocent of what needs to be cared for. Focus on what is important. You must show some temperance in certain matters. You have spent to much time wondering and self evaluating, now is the time to show balance and flexibility. Success can be and is around the corner. Know that the higher powers are at work to make things right. You have the scholastic knowledge to gain the victory you seek. 

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Sun. You find that your energy and strength inspire others who will help you lead and light the way. You are able attain the happiness and fulfillment that you seek.   


SAGITTARIUS (22 November - 21 December)
You are in some kind of negotiation where you are determined to get your way. You must move past what was in order to seek out new horizons. This finds you uneasy and a bit crazed. It is best to put to rest whatever it was you thought might be. All things change, its just the wheel of life. Don’t let your worries interfere with your home life… all things have a way of working out. 

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Eclipse. Although things are in the shadows, they are more clear than you think. Look beyond what is in front of you to find out what really lurks in the shadows. You just might be surprised.


CAPRICORN (22 December - 19 January)
There is this sense of turbulence that is running through you. With what was now behind, you are able to seek out and expand on some of your ideas. You may have decided on a different path than what you originally set out on, but you have nurtured what you found to be important to you. It is understandable that you feel bound and tied to your responsibilities to your home and family, but you can rest assured that many are better for it. 

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Androgyny. It is the stone of oneness and fusion that has dissolved the oppositions in your life. You bring intellect and your intuition to perfect success. It may not be in what you first expected, but it has focused your energies on a single goal and made you better for it. 


AQUARIUS (20 January - 19 February)
Your determination to seek out what path you should be on is the question for you this month. You have so many ideas, that you need to learn to not indulge in every situation. You are determined to hold your ground and battle for what is right. In doing so, you are able to receive the riches you desire. Be prepared for some dramatic changes that rule your home and financial institution. Justice plays a key role that brings about not only scholarly insight, but the ability to share your wisdom and experience with others. 

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Quintessence. You are aware of the needed balance that pursues you. Everything is a mirrored image. So be sure to reflect in the best of light. Balance can only be kept when you release limiting thoughts. Change is inevitable-- accepting it gracefully helps things to flow more easily.    


PISCES (20 February - 20 March)
There is somet things going head to toe this month for you. Although you feel the riches you have achieved, you also feel bound to it. Many emotional aspects have you wondering what to do next. This has you feeling cut off from others and unable to speak of your true ideas. This brings out the stubborn aspects that offer you a chance to gain some movement in your life. You are eager to seek out new challenges in life.

Alchemy Stone:  
The stone of the Puffer. You are able to apply fuel to the fire and help start the transformation that you seek. You have recognized what your true goals are and are willing to find a way to achieve them. Find humor in that which frustrates you and move forward.   

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