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As we head into the Spring Equinox, we are ready to shed the darkness. The winter months find that death is just a mere step in life, waiting to be reborn. It is in death that we see the beauty of life. It is in death that we see we learn to cherish transformation.

In the shedding of the physical we transcend into the divine. We are only separated by the thought that we are individually transcended, when in reality we return to that state of the collectiveÖthe One. We often cite phrases about time: I donít have enough time, Time is relevant, Time is all I have. If only I had the timeÖIn the collective there is no difference between now and after. Time is an element of the physical not of the spiritual. In shedding our physical state, we have transcended and returned to the collective of the One. It is connecting our Spirit with our Soul and the Soul joining with that which is the One.


ARIES (21 March - 19 April)
March offers you the ability to gain the success and satisfaction that you have been wishing for. Be sure to keep things in focus as without it you may find disturbance once you have gained success. The first week you may find that you are self-determined to gain the strength to reveal new passions and also find some new self-confidence. In the second week you may have a little late insight as to how you could have accepted the unavoidable better. Either way you will have a clear perspective and some new knowledge on the matter. Mid-month, communication will be important so you will have to be careful as to how you relay things. Strength in this matter is your spoils of reward. The last week you may find that family affairs in the forefront, especially where inheritance is the main line of business. Dealing with the loss of a loved is the last thing you will want to face. Just remember, you have developed talents from a long line of innovative family members which have brought about a great foundation for happiness.   

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Purification. You will be able to dissolve any fixed attitudes by eliminating distractions. Be willing to tap into that deep well of intuition. 


TAURUS (20 April - 20 May)
There is harmony and joy that comes effortlessly this month, as well as satisfaction. You find that you are renewed with the chance that you have been longing for. Just remember to keep your emotions in control and not let them get the better of you. You will also find that your new joy and satisfaction bring with them abundance and change. Yet you know that there is instability and unsettledness that comes along with them. Mid-month you find that you will be challenged within your skill set. You have plenty of imagination to help you search out any tricky issues. Towards the end of the month there may be a separation and even an alienation that brings about a decisive realization of what lies ahead. Overall, you have gained authority and success by understanding the opposition. There are some contradictory moments of events that bring about some hesitation. Just remember you are in control of your own emotions and future.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Eclipse. You must trust in your skills and abilities if you are going to lead by example. Be willing to remain humble yet acknowledge your achievements-- for you have achieved more than you have realized.


GEMINI (21 May - 20 June)
In the beginning of this month you have gained the understanding of what the perfect application is for previous lessons. You see the success which you have earned and know the meaning of the coming together of all the right elements. You found security in your life and are able to handle any family affairs that come up. Remember inheritances come in many forms. Mid-month you may feel a little sentimental or thoughtful about life and the way you have grown up and how it has helped you in your life now. The end of the month you find unity in the strong links that you have created with family and friends. Overall, you have found happiness in your life the past month, you have recognized your wealth in all aspects of your life. Enjoy the success of your well-being. Embrace your imperfections and differences and reassess any lack of sensitivity that you may have bestowed upon others.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone the Fire. You find that you thrive in the midst of adversity and often bring transformation in not your actions but those you see in others. 


CANCER (21 June - 22 July)
You have come to know the cosmic dance of life. You begin to utilize the perfect application of what was learnt. Success comes in many forms and by letting go of restricted views you find that you do not want anything more than you already have. Life is filled with much to offer and no one should limit themselves Find harmony in improving upon you. Rejuvenation will find its way in to your life only if you can forego carelessness and indecision. Opening your mind will help you gain insight to the changes you want to make for yourself and others. Itís good to have a peace of mind when you have to overcome obstacles. Mid-month to the end of the month you deal with family affairs that you'd rather not venture into. You will experience loss but also the realization that life is forever a circle and always evolving. If you are looking to the overview of this month you may find that if you are not careful, you will see inconsistent behavior patterns that bring about useless and unclear intentions. 

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Air. More than ever you need to remain focused and gain mental clarity so that you can bring about transformation. The world offers limitless possibilities. Explore you hidden talents and put them to good use so that you may prosper from them.


LEO (23 July - 22 August)
This month is somewhat of a struggle. You have an energy push but with it comes some confrontational and argumentative situations. You must let go of your stubborn ways and achieve balance as well as change your way of thinking. New mental perspective is a great conscience builder. Remember just because you think you deserve success doesnít always mean that it was earned. Mid-month you transition or put an end to ways that others see as restrictive. Time is the best healer and as it elapses you find release and settlement of any stagnation you might have been experiencing. The end of the month you find that you have more understanding about balancing the familiarity of contradictory thoughts. You gain the calmness and peace that you have been wanting all month long. In the end you have gained victory over materialism, egoism and dependency.  You will overcome any fears that you may have had. 

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Jupiter. Out of the turmoil you find hope and the chance for a new beginning. You have gained insight and are able to bring about your own inner wisdom. This will help bring the changes and the abundance you have been seeking. 


VIRGO (23 August - 22 September)
The first week of this month you find that you have many unsettled dreams. To you they may seem almost as delusions. Know that they are the connection to the other side. You donít need to test your fears, as sometimes we find that we can more productive from the power of dream work. There is stability in your gifts and the timing is right. Your kindness and generosity had some indulgences attached with it. In the middle of the month you find strength and determination. You find a whole new meaning to self-confidence because you have been able to deal with some very tense and stressful times. Towards the end of the month your superiority and authority helps with the successful bonding of opposites. Donít hesitate over any contradictory events. You know that this sadness is only temporary. In hindsight of this month in general you are excited that you are now able to give up certain projects and interruptions. You gain a new viewpoint knowing that your resignation of the situation has now come to its fulfillment.  

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Salt. You have been the one who has brought forces together for many others. You have always observed the situation from outside the box. This allowed you to serve as the facilitator to make the right choices in solving any problems. Know that you have a good head on your shoulders and make the right choices when put to the test.


LIBRA (23 September - 22 October)
Your strong will and impatience will come off to some as being revengeful or wanting dominance. Try to do the right thing and be more friendly and down to earth. Around the second week of this month you will find yourself up against some emotional situations. Patience is the key here not the show of eagerness. You have a tendency to be over excessive which makes you overlook the gentle side of things. Humane actions will bring about easy transformations. You must put the worry and tension that you are creating in a place of idleness. Your efforts must bring reconciliation if you want a better future. Tense times will only bring about delay in helping a situation in becoming better. If you want this month to become more of an easy sail you must reflect on the new possibilities and opportunities and not induce uncertain feelings with those around you. The refusal to do so will only bring about decaying joy and weariness.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Primal Matter. Now is the time to go deep within to discover how you can bring about resources and utilize the knowledge from others.


SCORPIO (23 October - 21 November)
In the beginning of the month you are very focused and attentive to your work. You show quick perception and are able to advise others. Having conscious insight helps you separate or alienate any errors that may occur. Although you may find that you will have to clarify what it is to complete any projects on time. Find peace in knowing that the application of the higher law will bring about a turning point. Search for the center that seems out of control so that you can bring about the order that is required for the position. In the end being quick to foresee the situation shows courage and that you are taking an inventive approach.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Fusion. You are able to bring together opposing forces while using intellect and intuition. You realize that success comes from focusing you energies on that single goal so that you can dissolve any opposition.


SAGITTARIUS (22 November - 21 December)
You will experience some dramatic changes in the beginning of the month. This will bring about a forced change that may or may not have been expected. This does offer a new start maybe even a feeling of liberation. Take your own advice and consciously define your goals. Attempt to put your best foot forward instead of exerting inconsistent behavior. If you work hard to make the best of things around the third week you will find that concentrated energy push and push past any blockades or dilution of effort. By the end of the month you should see a difference in you economic situation. In the overall month you will find some up and downs, feel the eagerness to just be done with it and know that you are able to easily influence your own future.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Philosophic Sulfur. By taking your own advice you will begin to take action and properly direct the outcome in your favor. Be logical in your thinking and the sun will light your path.


CAPRICORN (22 December - 19 January)
Your time for waiting has ended. You hold the key to gaining growth and abundance. You have achieved balance and are changing your way of thinking. You have made that conscious association and are able to achieve overdue success. Just donít fool yourself in the ecstasy of what you just have gained. Foolishness will just lead to superficial actions. Use your intuition to unlock the mystery of what is unseen. In the end you will show that you have self-control and discipline. You will exert awareness and wisdom that others have overlooked in the past.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Return. We often return to old patterns not looking to new cycles in life. Itís best that you donít set yourself backÖbeing your worst enemy is not the best enemy to have.


AQUARIUS (20 January - 19 February)
In the  first part of the month you will see satisfaction and fulfillment. You will start to experience a change that will offer you abundance. Donít let any unsettled or instability come through you. You can be your own destructive counterpart. But you are courageous and clever. You are also inventive and agile. Be foreseeing and swift not just on your feet but of mind as well. Communicating and careful application will show promising strengths that may not have been seen prior. Self-reflection and insight will help with any uncertain feelings or decaying joy you might feel. Refuse these emotions and instead look for new possibilities that are in front of you. In looking at the overview for this month and what you can look forward to is that you have a quick wit, are graceful, attentive and have quick perception. Just be conscious of your surroundings and concentrate on the task at hand and you will make it through. Remember you have the knowledge that is required and are able to see this through.     

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Venus. By sharing your inner beauty with those around you, they will see that you are a true and rare gem caught inside the rough. You will receive the light and love you put out. Take time to indulge in your passions and be sure to surround yourself in the things you love. Create an environment of peace, harmony and serenity. Indulge yourself in your creativity and indulge in your instincts so that you may create communication and union. Emotions of upheaval in the past may have caused feelings of instability, by the new openness to love both self and other will help you bring the serenity you have been searching for. Engage in activities that best nourish your growth.


PISCES (20 February - 20 March)
You have two choices which you have to make one. Change can either be harmonious or it can be complicated. Your success is in the stability of the right timing. If you utilize your intuition by the third week you will have found success and an overall well-being. Donít let indifference be an imperfection. As you round out the month you will find a beginning to bring about the source of action you need to take. Self-realization will bring with it the identity of the creativity you have been looking for. In hindsight of what you can look for in the month, you may find harmony and union in uniting the power of creativity and ability. All you have to do is visualize and make it so.

Alchemy Stone:  
The stone of the Philosophic Egg. Sometimes itís best to observe what we have already set in motion. By evaluating a the current project or situation you will know when to act accordingly giving you the patience to wait for the outcome you have been looking for.

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