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That term it’s just business? Well if you look at that term, life itself is just that always doing business. Whenever you interact with someone it doesn’t matter what you are doing with that person, it is just doing business. When you deal with a friend you not only share your personal life story but you also find that there are times that friendship is just doing business. When you interact at work you’re just doing business. Yet doing business is part of who you are.

The best thing you can do in any situation is just be your authentic self and be true to who you are. Deal honestly with people. Learn to speak their language and they will learn to speak yours. Sure doing business can be cutthroat, but it doesn’t always have to be. If you’re honest, be up front about your business negotiations and all things will follow. You don’t need to cut yourself short, you just need to know your worth, what the other party sees in you and expects in return and you will do fine in business.

Blessed Be!


ARIES (21 March - 19 April)
You feel peace and harmony where your home is concerned, but it is important for you to remember that you must keep things in perspective. Although you keep many issues of the heart close to you, it is also hard work that keeps you separate from them as well. There are some issues, however, in your love life that keeps you always on guard. You must keep your faith that all will be well in the end. You are determined to keep on your own destined path, but be open to the lessons that life and the universe have to offer you.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Spiral. It is not only the journey up, but the journey back down that one takes in order to learn all that they can from life. Hold on to what you know, but be open to the messages along the way.


TAURUS (20 April - 20 May)
You faith has been restored with the world around you. This is due to a new beginning and an end to what was. You are starting to come out of the darkness and disruption of the past. This brings new opportunities for you. You still have some issues that you have to work through in order to obtain the worldly riches of which you dream. But the world is your oyster, so know that this brings about the ability to flow smoothly on to what is necessary for you to achieve. Stay determined and you will succeed.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Furnace. You must turn up the heat in order to achieve that which you have started, as the heat will help you to transform your current situation. Feel the protection that surrounds you and use it to the fullest.


GEMINI (21 May - 20 June)
You may find that you are battling some health issues. Please seek out one who is able to help with your needs. You may find that you will have to negotiate some terms that are related, only to fall on deaf ears. Remember that moderation is the key and you will be able to regroup and make the best of what may seem impossible. Patience is the key to your well being.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Peacock's Tail. Although you may feel that many eyes are upon you at this time, you actually have many opportunities being offered. Don't fear to nourish any hopes and dreams that you may have. Just stay focused and watch for any illusions that present themselves.


CANCER (21 June - 22 July)
Your goal to move forward and away from devastating territory is wise. You are reflecting on how it has affected you and what you have learned from where you were and what is ahead of you now. You have had time to search deep within and know what your true passion is. You have had to separate yourself from temptation and even sought out counsel. Over all, your emotions have gotten the better of you, especially in the home territory. Keep your dreams, hopes and sights towards the future and you will have victory over that which you deemed as fierce and deadly.

Alchemy Stone:                 
The stone of Philosophic Mercury. It is the Moon Queen who helps to bring your creativity to the frontline. Use your intuition and let beauty and the grace bring it into the limelight.


LEO (23 July - 22 August)
Unable to speak your mind regarding some guidance that you have been seeking has you determined to make the best of the situation. You can look forward to some information that is coming your way. It actually has you reaffirming who you are. If you have regrets, you are determined to move forward and stay true to the course you're on. You are defending yourself from some financial juggling and that is a good thing. 

Alchemy Stone:
The stone Quintessence. It is the complete balance that needs to take place. And you are very centered in what you need to be doing in your life.


VIRGO (23 August - 22 September)
You are definitely indifferent towards a love affair. The ruling has been made and you find that there are legal matters to which you must attend. With this knowledge at hand, you are pushed to the brink of insanity. You find that you are battling against yourself and the issues that are surround the whole of the situation. You are now left with the turbulence of "Now what do I do?" scenario. 

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Crescent.  With the moon in high gear, you find that you must be receptive to change. As with all things there are three phases which you need to pass through before you come to your resting place. This will lead you to what you must do next.


LIBRA (23 September - 22 October)
You are waiting on some legal issues for which you have been hoping. You may have to wait one more month to really reap the rewards which you seek. The universe is offering you a new change of events, especially regarding those that have kept you bound. Negotiations will need to take place so that you may harvest where there once was nothing. This brings about a new love and passion at both your home and work environments.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Sun. Happiness and fulfillment enter into the picture. With that, it helps you lead the way. It is your strength and productive energy that helps to inspire others. Make the best of what is at hand.  


SCORPIO (23 October - 21 November)  
You need to stay determined and focused this month, as you will need to fight for what is true. Do research so that you are able to communicate all that you have learned to spur further growth. Your passion will help fuel achievement in your business deals. Don't let your stubbornness stand in your way and hold you captive, instead break free from the blockings You knowledge in doing business and financial matters will be most helpful. Be careful of deception along the way.

Alchemy Stone:
It is the stone of Rubedo/ Red Phoenix. This shows that you are able to rise above the flames. Conceiving new plans will be in the forefront, while your passion is shared with those around you. 


SAGITTARIUS (22 November - 21 December)
There are new beginnings ahead of you as far as work goes. All that hard effort has you now looking at which steps you must take. With this new status, you must now decide what actions you must take next. This may mean that you have to face and stay determined to change things from what once they were. There is a sense of peace and harmony in knowing that you are moving out from under the rabble of the past. 

Alchemy Stone:
The Philosopher's Stone. It is the stone of multiplication and building on projects that you have already put into motion. You are ready to transform the future and share your knowledge with others.


CAPRICORN (22 December - 19 January)
Your health is good and you are feeling confident in your goals. You must be patient, as all good things take time. Staying focused on your dreams will pay off. You may have to seek out someone a little more knowledgeable in financial matters, but with your keen observation, you will know when to make the appropriate merger.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Bellows. You must apply heat to any of your current projects that are in the works. Recognize your goals and consider your options with patience. 


AQUARIUS (20 January - 19 February)
There are some emotional ties to what is to come, but by walking the spiral path, you are able to gain some freedom. You must hold on to what is stable in your life. You know what you have to answer the questions in what course of action to choose. There is harmony and effortlessness when you take the chance that proves to be in your best interest. There is a sense of completion, as well as a sense of solace in gaining a new perspective on things. Don't fret about changes that may be on their way, instead think of it in matters of regrouping and finding a new support base.

Alchemy Stone:
Two stones have put themselves out there. The stone of the Androgyny, and the stone of the Adept. Trust in your skills and realize your achievements as oppositions are dissolved. Success comes about by focusing on your energies towards a single goal.


PISCES (20 February - 20 March)
A new opportunity is opening itself to you. You start to have that carefree feeling as if you were a child. You are focused on your talents and are patient to a fault. Yet the king of emotions has thrown in his hand that has you crazy and asking questions. Your hard work and efforts are falling on those who are more willing to brush them off. Maybe it's because there is one who is looking forward to re-initiating and negotiating his own terms.

Alchemy Stone: 
The stone of the Saturn. It is time to discard destructive habits and recover from all the chaos that has been surrounding you. Let bygones be bygones.

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