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The act of transitioning not only happens with those who pass on but in all phases of our lives. We transition from childhood to teen years, from teen years into adulthood, from adulthood to middle age, and from middle age to the world of the elderly. Each phase of our life whether it be from aging to that of changing from job to job, there is always transitioning period. We all need time to acclimate to the next phase of our lives.

 How we choose to go about the transition is the choice that we have. We donít need to make others feel less than what they are nor do we have to cater to those we want to impress. What we as humans need to do is recognize that our abilities, knowledge and talents are unique to ourselves. Accept that we are transitioning from one point of our lives to another. Know that we are qualified in what we do. And know that when the day comes that we transition from this life on to the next we will be able to transition gracefully and with dignity on our own level.

Trying to live up to anotherís level can only be achieved if you are that person. However, you can live up to your own expectations; know that you can achieve excellence in other ways then those who expect you to do it on their level. We all are individually aware of others' visions, but we must recognize that our visions are just as equally important. We are able to see the whole of a picture while still visualizing those of our counterparts. The most successful people are those who are willing to collaborate on a vision so that you together can transition into something much more.

Blessed Be!


ARIES (21 March - 19 April)
You're keeping what is important to you in sight, and that is the harmony and love for your mate. You want to make an atonement and are trying hard to correct some legal matters. Keep your sights set on your goal and everything else will follow. You still have hopes and dreams for the future and you will have success overcoming your worries about them.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Mercury. With it finally out of retrograde, you will be able to yield greater results with your ideas. There is a rapid change coming your way so prepare yourself. Be sure to communicate with those who can help the matter along more smoothly.


TAURUS (20 April - 20 May)
You are remaining stubborn in trying to reach your goal. By keeping with your determination there will be new offerings heading your way. Just donít be a fool and walk away blindly. Stay focused and open to learning new ways. Donít keep doing battle yourself. Nor fight what is the correct thing to do. Stay determined and willing to take a chance. Donít let your own self doubt keep you from a new and bright beginning.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Spiral. That which spins out of control can also spin into control. You need to let go of old patterns so a new cycle can begin. Donít fight yourself nor become your own worst enemy. Step beyond and let yourself move forward.


GEMINI (21 May - 20 June)
You find that your strength is in your home life. Although it is unique, it is in perfect balance for that you have wished for. You do have some worries that surround some issues in your home life but overall you have achieved the victory that you set out to gain. Be careful in having the innocence of a chil, although it can be healthy to have some of those qualities it would be foolish to indulge in them. There is part of you waiting to hear some news regarding some travel that you will be taking. Patience is the key.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Philosophic Mercury. You are able to blossom both creatively and intuitively this month. Put both to work and you will be able to expand on what you have started. 


CANCER (21 June - 22 July)
You are trying to find that middle ground of harmony and peace. In doing so you find your own strength although you are waiting for something substantial to take place. Mind your health as there are some issues that have you perplexed. You have the grace and eloquence to see these issues through. Seek within so that you may find the freedom that you desire. Donít be afraid to explore other possibilities.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone Rubedo. The Red Phoenix is one that builds up out of the embers. Find your self surrounded by pleasure and love. You are able to reunite with others while conceiving new plans for the future.  


LEO (23 July - 22 August)
All your worldly desires have been put on hold for the moment. This has you stressing and worried. You feel as if you will have to start all over from scratch. Stay determined to make things happen. Donít dwell over what was but instead look to the future. The success you're having is in a much more gentler form. Keep true to your heart and seek out the paths that will make your passions take flight.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone the Jupiter. Success is yours to be had. You may look forward to a new and better beginning. Along with it a renewed sense of hope. Expand on your powers and receive the rewards from doing so. You are gaining the wisdom you need from this experience.


VIRGO (23 August - 22 September)
Trying to make peace with a loved one this month. Although you think it might be foolish for whatever reason, you want to be able to keep the harmony that once existed. Seek out one whose knowledge you respect, for the answer they give you may be knocking on your door sooner than you think. You are ready to move forward out of your current situation even if emotions play a part of it. Learning to be comfortable about your feelings regarding this matter will be freeing and allow you to explore the adventure that is coming your way. You might find that you may have to travel to find the answer you are looking for.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of the Alembic. This is the vessel in which you will need to observe what you have set into motion. You will have to have some patience in finding out the outcome but if you evaluate you situation carefully you will be able to recognize the proper time to act.


LIBRA (23 September - 22 October)
Be sure to listen to those who seek payment for deeds well done. By doing so you will be able to tell truth from fiction and come out the victor in the end. You are able to move gracefully within your love life at the moment even though you are learning the ins and outs of the relationship. In order to maintain the balance keep your eyes on the reward remembering to keep your own freedom within the relationship. 

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Salt. This catalyst that will help your situation become strong. Observe the issues at hand and remove yourself from the equation so that you can facilitate solving any problems that may arise. You have the ability to bring opposing forces together at this time.


SCORPIO (23 October - 21 November)
This month you are waiting to move forward out of your current situation as devastating as it may be. You will have success and victory coming from an unknown source. Yet you feel as if you are bound to what you are doing. You must make a decision that is for the better good even though your feelings are playing a major role. This is an end but also a new beginning that will better your worldly possessions.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Spiral. What you have journeyed down towards will also prove to be a journey upward. It is the end of one cycle and the start of a new so donít be your own worse enemy. Recognize old patterns and adjust to move past them. 


SAGITTARIUS (22 November - 21 December)
This month you are putting to rest some issues of remorse. You have kept it close to your heart and are now able to show your own strength and determination. With a new beginning coming your way you find that you are able to tame and victory over the lion who has been trying to stop you from what you want to achieve. One who seems uncaring to your ways is looking to you for the worldly goods. Take time to search inward for the answer with which to solve the issue at hand.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone the Arrow. This stone is letting you know that you should reduce down to the needed essentials and concentrate on your own efforts. Take time to recover your own strength and emerge from when the night descended.


CAPRICORN (22 December - 19 January)
Your emotions are overflowing for the one you love. It is your strength and determination that will get you through all of those memories that are now coming to you in full. You can expect some dramatic changes to take place as there is movement in your chart. You will find that you are able to make peace with the new direction you life is going.

Alchemy Stone:
The stone of Fire. You find that you are able to thrive among the chaos and adversity that is coming your way. With a transformation on the horizon you will find that you are able to take action when you are called to do so.


AQUARIUS (20 January - 19 February)
Donít let memories of the past hold you back from the new opportunity that is opening to you. You find that you are gaining much needed insight on the situation at hand. Even though you feel as if you have perfect success and feel great satisfaction, you find that not only are you a teacher but the student as well. Your gracefulness and charm will help give you the determination to get the job done. Yet if you donít pay any heed to the insight that you have been given you might just end up fool instead.

Alchemy Stone:
The Stone of Mars. This stone lends its strength to you. It is important that you control your anger and unruly emotions this month. It would be in your best interest to direct your energy towards some positive outlets. It is in your nature to bravely take needed risks so act courageously and with much vigor.       


PISCES (20 February - 20 March)
You are finally finding your freedom and are able to soar above the past. You are able to finally put to rest all those wild ideas of a past relationship. However, you need to speak of some legal issues that you have been holding back on. This might mean that you have to do some traveling to accomplish solving the matter. Donít worry you are strong and will be able to accomplish what needs to be set right.

Alchemy Stone: 
The stone of Saturn. You find that you are able to discard some destructive behaviors and recover from the chaos that the past had created. You are now able to rejoice and know that time has healed all wounds. You are now ready to move on.

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