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Viagra for Women

The New Drug for Fridged Females

Originally created as an antidepressant, Flibanserin appears to be an effective treatment for women with reduced sexual desire. Human subjects, as well as laboratory animals, showed a significant increase in libido according to researcher John Thorp Jr., M.D., at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. This is a problem that is said to effect up to one in four females. 

The number of satisfying sexual events and a subject's diary of sexual arousal were among six variables that were measured after roughly six months of treatment with 100 milligrams of Flibanserin daily. Clinical trials with almost 2,000 women were conducted in Europe, Canada and here in the United States. The manufacturer (Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals) will now begin the next round of testing. 

Viagra for men works by relaxing blood vessels and thus enhancing blood flow to the penis. This is what causes an erection. How many men are unable to achieve and/or maintain an erection (ED) is almost impossible to tell. According to a study at Cornell University, only 30% of men were asked about their sex life during a routine physical exam. Personally, I can't recall ever asking or being asked. This is not something men typically mention so any guess at the level of ED nationwide would be just that - a guess. That said, how much faith can one put in the numbers floating around the Internet: 50% of males have the problem; 6E0% of ED is the result of prescription medication; 70% is alcohol related; 80% of it is mental? In any case, Viagra does nothing for a man's libido. It addresses genital plumbing not brain wiring. For that reason, it's often a disappointment.

Flibanserin is said to actually increase desire in women. How it does that, is a good question. It would seem this particular effect was a serendipitous discovery. It didn't work for drepression so good but Hey did it get her Hot! Needless to say, passion in a woman is extremely difficult to define. I like to think of things as usually being a whole lot simpler than people (especially experts) make them out to be but here I have to acquiesce. Females are often excluded from clinical trials for this very reason. Their minds and bodies are (much more so than males) subject to hormonal tides. And if you're a woman thinking about giving me a ration of sass over that - don't. It's a fact and you're probably just in one of your moods. So how effective this drug will be and how crazy a sex pill for ladies will make the general public I can't imagine. 

As an aside, in the past, whenever increased libido was noticed during pharmaceutical testing, the trials were discontinued. This was seen as a counter indication...a sexy result was an unacceptable side effect. Funny that a company should now be planning to bring just such an item to market. So one wonders whatever happened to Ecstasy? It worked so well that it was immediately banned.

Anyway, Flibanserin won't be coming to a pharmacy near you anytime soon so perhaps it would be best to spend your passion making lists of all the potential harm that such a drug might create. Women keen on sex...Indeed!

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