"The Final Note'
Lans Hobart
Amazon Books, $10)
By Sally A. Schwartz

Up-and-coming writer Lans Hobart is well-versed in the music industry.  When I heard about his self-published novel, "The Final Note," I knew it was a must-read. Hobartís love story centers around Skeet Seaton, a very talented and admired bass player. He is interviewed by a beautiful journalist named Chapin, who becomes the girl of his dreams. The book takes a twist as it dips into the love and depths of a friendship that crosses over to the world beyond.

During the read, I found myself laughing out loud at some of the shenanigans that Hobart shares, knowing full well that these kinds of things actually do take place. As I reached the final pages of the novel, I felt that Hobart could have played it out for a few more chapters, delving into the friendship and bond that was created between Skeet and the character, Stan Balch. Musicians have many stories to share about old band mates and their antics as friendships were forged. It also had room to discuss why a musical friendship goes to a different level.

"The Final Note" left me deep in thought-- the love of friendship knows no boundaries. We may not always stay in touch through the years, but the friendships we forge will always keep us connected. I hope that you will give this mini novel a read-- it was easy and fun. You can find it at Amazon.com.

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