Best in Show
Mighty Loud Entertainment/Fontana Distribution
Review by Sally A. Schwartz

With seasoned band members, vocalist/guitarist Jesse James Dupree, guitarist Jeff Worley, bassist Rowan Glick, and drummer Chris Worley, you will get nothing less than an album that is all sexed up and ready to roll. This CD is filled with high polished energy that does just as the title track states Best in Show. If you’re gearing up to spend a day with your dentist you can always thrill him by putting on Golden Spooky Tooth. I know as I was heading out of my dental office and putting on this track I couldn’t help but have that lopsided grin we seem to get thinking isn’t this ironic. I enjoyed the bands version of Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show’s “On the Cover of the Rollingstone” with that all multi-purpose instrument…the chainsaw. Jackyl is just that much of a Full Throttle hard rock band that packs a punch. Great album guys! 

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