Breaking Point
Victim Entertainment
Review by Sally A. Schwartz

Where I hail from these days, you might find DIGITAL SUMMER being played on the local radio station KUPD the best in Rock Radio here in the Phoenix area. Just a few weeks out the band will be playing in their home town at one of many KUPD sponsored festivals, Desert Uprising. This two day event slots the band to play on DAY ONE as just one of the many acts to be opening for Rob Zombie.

With all that said, DIGITAL SUMMER is a very rock radio friendly sound.

Band members Vocalist Kyle and Guitarist Ian Winterstein, brothers who founded the band brought together Guitarist Jon Stephenson, Bassist Anthony Hernandez and Drummer Ben Anderson to create Alternative Metal tracks such as the title track Breaking Point, Broken Halo and War Against Myself.  All which I find relate to the listener. I have to admit that this CD has found its way into my player more than once. Wither that is good or bad I donít know. I guess I will leave that up to you to decide.

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