Xavier RuddXavier Rudd woos Los Angeles
By Naughty Mickie  notymickie@gmail.com
Photos by Dean Lee 

I'll admit I wasn't quite sure what kind of crowd to expect when I caught Xavier Rudd's concert at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. First off it was a Monday night and secondly even to my most music-smart friends his name was pretty much unknown. Well, for those who haven't heard of the Australian multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter you are missing out on one of the most talented artists around. And obviously I am not the only one who thinks this, as the house was almost packed by the time Rudd took the stage.

The audience was a mix of surfers, reggae fans, rockers and everything else. Some of them sang along, many voiced their enthusiasm at various points with yells and almost everyone moved to the beats. 

Rudd's setup consisted of a full drum kit graced with two didgeridoos on a stand that angled from the floor across the bass drum and a chair on the other side of the stage with a guitar close at hand. He began his set playing drums and didgeridoo, adding in vocals as they came up during the tunes. He worked the instruments with grace and formidable musicianship, which was nothing short of amazing. Later, he moved to the chair for guitar, slide guitar, harmonica and more, including didgeridoo. Here, he kept the beat with a pedal-- as if he wasn't busy enough. 

Rudd performed some cuts off of his latest album, "Spirit Bird," as well as other fan faves from his repertoire, ending his set on the front edge of the stage with an acapella composition intoning world peace and love for the environment.

I spoke with my photographer, Dean Lee, after the concert and we agreed that no matter your musical taste, Rudd is one artist who is well worth seeing live. You will come away awed and inspired and, perhaps, a new fan.

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