Heavy Folk Metal at Its Best an Evening at 910 Live - Tempe, AZ
Wintersun & Eluveitie
By Sally A. Schwartz 

The night for a journalist will either get started early or late, but no matter what the time may be, it’s always a pleasure to say, “We’re here to meet with the band.” November 28th, 2012 was no different. I got my gear ready and headed down to 910 Live in Tempe, Arizona around 5 p.m. to meet up with fellow DaBelly.com writer Sara Lambert. Sara first met with guitarist and vocalist, Jari Maenpaa of Wintersun. It was the first time that this band from Helsinki, Finland is touring the United States. She later met with Christian Chrigel Glanzman, frontman and Celtic flautist, for Eluveitie, a band out of Winterthur, Zurich. I believe this is Eluveitie’s second tour in the U.S. (You can read Sara's interviews in this issue of DaBelly.com).

The evening was filled with high octane, gut throat metal and five bands on one stage-- two of them local, Examore and Adavant. Examore gave the first glimpse of what was in store for the evening. Adavant brought the medieval twist to the sound of heavy metal and with it they seemed to bring a moat of moshers. While I was watching them perform, I thought, “Well wouldn’t they just liven up the local renaissance fair?”

Next out was Varg. This German outfit is on tour with Wintersun and Eluveitie. At first glance, one might mistake them for Darth Maul from "Star Wars" and think  "This is going to be really, really bad or they're going to be spectacular." It turned out that they were not spectacular, but over all they were pretty damn good! They were a great prelude to Wintersun.

With this being Wintersun’s first tour in the United States, it was surprising to see such a following for them, especially in Arizona. The band was entertaining, guttural, loud and fantastic to watch and I enjoyed their show more than expected. I was very satisfied with all that they had to offer.

Eluveitie, headlining the show, reached beyond my expectation. It was my first time seeing this band and I soon felt that I really missed out by missing them the last time they toured Arizona. I have researched their music via the Internet and YouTube, but was totally blown away by their performance. With a Celtic/Gaul folk sound set to the racking turbulence of heavy metal, it was more like unwrapping the Pied Piper on Christmas Morning. To make the evening that much sweeter, the band played its whole album, "Eluveitie- Helvetios."

The show was not a letdown by any means. I came with few expectations and left feeling that the evening, well, kicked ass! 910 Live rocked the house.The only thing I think could have been different would have been to set the stage up on the Westside to give the bands more room and raised about 4-5 feet so fans could see better. Other than that, the show blew the ear plugs right out with the wind-- great job by all of the bands that performed on this evening.

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