Toby Michaels & the Rolling Damned
Double Side Release of Rolling Damn and A Little Bit of What you Fancy
By Sally A. Schwartz

Toby Michaels & the Rolling Damned are a Scottish rock band with a true classic rock sound.

The group's tale is almost a Sean Connery/King Arthur type of story…but not. Toby Michaels & the Rolling Damned actually made its debut supporting another Scottish band, Heavens Basement, in May of 2012.  This opened doors to them playing for other acts and festivals throughout the United Kingdom. Now their sound is starting to make its way across the pond.

The band members are Toby Michaels, vocals/guitar, Johnny Gash, guitar/vocals, Sixshot on bass and Cal Sound on drums. Their double-released single that came out on June 3, 2013, "Rolling Damn." is good ol' classic rock with a likeness to the Marshall Tucker Band and Molly Hatchet. It also brings to mind a now-defunct local band, Wick's End, that I had the pleasure of seeing more than once in Los Angeles. Somehow though, I don’t think that Michaels & the Rolling Damned ever had the pleasure of ripping the crotch of their pants on stage and continuing to play like nothing ever happened as Wick's End's bassist. (Editor's note: This certain bassist with torn pants was none other than DaBelly's esteemed publisher Dave Schwartz, yes, most of our staff have done their time on stage too).

Give Toby Michaels & the Rolling Damned a listen and judge for yourself whether you find them tempting. I not only enjoy a good kilt-showing, but I seem to have acquired a taste for Scottish music too. As this is the band's debut double release,  I can only think that they will grow stronger musically and be well received not only in Europe, but in the U.S. as well. 

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