The Living Breathing
"Run for Help"
By Sally A. Schwartz 

I first saw and heard The Living Breathing as the opening act in concert for Queensryche with Geoff Tate. I was lucky enough to score their EP, "Run For Help," which of course this prompted me to write this review. The band is from Tucson, Arizona and consists of Mason Haley (vocals), Matt Haley (rhythm guitar/vocals), Joey Moraga (bass/vocals), Steven Natale (drums/vocals), and Wyatt Bills (lead guitar).  They play alternative rock with a classic '90s groove-- it just goes to show, that after a decade, the sound is starting to make its way back into the music scene. 

I was pleasantly surprised with the professional sound quality of this EP.  Natale produced and recorded the album in his home studio, Studio 7 Productions, with the expertise of any professional studio. The band knows their sound and embraces it to a tee, especially on this effort. If you can, be sure to catch them live, for they really do leave you feeling as if you’re "Living Breathing" to their music.

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