Elton John - The Diving BoardElton John
The Diving Board
Capitol Records

By: Sara Lambeth

Reginald Kenneth Dwight, better known as Sir Elton John, is the best musician that ever has been and probably ever will be. In my humble and correct opinion, of course.

Sir Elton John, has put his fingerprint on the hearts of  millions of people around the world. He has opened doors for several aspiring bands/artists  and helped mold the foundation for  progressive and classical rock. His  ever evolving  list of accomplishments, musical contributions and compositions, charity work, and even acting roles has made him one of the most successful and illustrious artist of all time.

On September 24th, 2013 Elton John with lyricist Bernie Taupin will release what John has described as his “most adult album of [his] career,” "The Diving Board" (Capitol Records).

During an interview with Rolling Stone Elton John had this to say about "The Diving Board": "It's a record by a 66-year-old man. It's not a record by a 26-year-old guy who made 'Rocket Man.' It's full of mature songs and songs that are reflective. There's no 'Philadelphia Freedom' on it. I've changed. I don't get played on the radio anymore, and quite rightly so, because it's other people's turn. At my age I can do what I want."

The opening track, "Oceans Away," is written in memory of Taupin’s father Captain Robert Taupin and the Great Generation. It captures a lifetime of emotion sparked by memories with just his piano and his voice. Track 2 picks up the tempo  with the foot tapper, "Oscar Wilde Gets Out."  John’s rhythmically entertaining piano progressions through this song are as if the keys are dancing to the tune.

This album John worked with different musicians (line-up listed below) and it does not feature any  original bandmates . "The Diving Board" will hint at some familiar styles heard on early releases, including his debut self-titled album from 1970. There is also a heavy gospel and soul influence similar to "Peachtree Road." This pièce de résistance collection of 15 songs is brilliant from beginning to end. The deep, warm and rich recording style add a personal feel, almost as if Sir Elton John were in the room playing.  

With over 30 studio albums, it is impossible to say which is his best, but "The Diving Board" is definitely one of them.

Track listing:    All lyrics written by Bernie Taupin, all music composed by Elton John.

Oceans Away
Oscar Wilde Gets Out
A Town Called Jubilee
The Ballad Of Blind Tom
Dream #1
My Quicksand
Can't Stay Alone Tonight
Home Again
Take This Dirty Water
Dream #2
The New Fever Waltz
Mexican Vacation (Kids In The Candlelight)
Dream #3
The Diving Board

The Diving Board Line-up:

Elton John – piano, vocals

Jack Ashford – percussion

Jay Bellerose – drums

Doyle Bramhall II – guitar

T-Bone Burnett – production

Keefus Ciancia – keyboard

Raphael Saadiq – bass guitar

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