Endless Serenade Album CoverSilje Leirvik
"Endless Serenade"
Autumn Songs Records
By: Sara Lambeth

Norwegian singer songwriter Silje Leirvik  has released her sophomore album, "Endless Serenade" (November 11th, 2013/December 16th, 2013 World), via Autumnsongs Records. The album was recorded and produced by musical genius Rhys Marsh, who also does backup vocals and plays many of the instruments  on the record. (Check out Rhys Marsh in the November 2012 issue of DaBelly www.dabelly.com/features/feature373.htm)

Endless Serenade is sui generis, featuring 10 songs which offer ephemeral passages that are completely unique to the ear. The album welcomes and pulls you in with "Glass of Water," followed by the featured single, "Silver & Gold."   The sound of Leirvik singing has memories of Joan Baez with hints of Imogen Heap. Her talent is unsurpassed and captures generations of styles.  

The elegance of Leirvik’s voice is brought to life by richly evocative music and brilliant style and quality recording.  It is almost as if you are in a smoke-filled room listening to her perform. "Endless Serenade" is flawless from beginning to end and, if you’re anything like me, you will find yourself hitting the repeat button for tracks 5 ("Leah’s Song") and 10 ("Serenade").

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1. Glass Of Water
2. Silver & Gold
3. Black Heart
4. When In The Water
5. Leah’s Song
6. In The Garden
7. And Then Love Came
8. Sno
9. The Last Dance
10. Serenade


Silje Leirvik: voice & piano
Rhys Marsh: guitars, keyboards, drums & orchestrations
Ketil Vestrum Einarsen: flute
Ola Lindseth: violin
Erlend Kvam: cello







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