Vinnie & the Hooligans
Catching the stage at NAMM on a Saturday morning was a score
By Sally A. Schwartz

There is so much to see at NAMM that you often forget that music is also outdoors on a few different stages set up around the convention center. I caught Vinnie & the Hooligans on the main entrance stage the morning of January 25. With the thought of only hanging for a song or two, I ended up watching their complete set. This band blew me away. They are a five-piece string band out of Orange County, California, who honed their roots from bluegrass, rock ní roll and blues, as well as alternative inspirations. Their guts and glory delves deep into the working class all-American sound.

As I looked around I found that the crowd, which began with only a few curious onlookers, grew with every song Vinnie & the Hooligans played. People who may not have known about this band now know and left huge fans. I, too, can be counted among them.

Coming up on this band was a big time score. Amid all the hustle and bustle of checking out the products that NAMM has to offer, it pays to take a break and really enjoy the pleasures of talented musicians that play for your entertainment.  I look forward to hearing more from Vinnie & the Hooligans in the future and canít wait to see them live again.

Boys-- you owned that stage. I wish you much success for the future and canít wait until the next time I can see you play!

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