Joe’s Grotto of Phoenix pays host to cancer benefit
By Sally A. Schwartz

On Saturday March 8 2014, NO-Cover Phoenix & Joe’s Grotto Music Venue, played host to a cause that has touched many of people’s hearts-- F**K Cancer in memory of Daniel Lamar Christy III, the father of vocalist D.L. from Vex.  All admission proceeds, as well as a raffle went towards cancer. There was a main stage and an acoustic Stage. This was awesome, as it was continuous music throughout the night by local bands. 

The main stage brought such bands as Phoenix & Dragon, Tome, Vex, Scarab Vex, Black Curtain, Latex Grenade, and Pelvic Meatloaf. On the acoustic stage there was the light side of Throw Logic, Havens End, Whiskey Six, Beretta Zazzera, and Eleven Year Solstice. All bands played beyond expectations, delivering a fun-filled, high-energy night of music. It was so wonderful to see so many awesome local bands in one night at one venue for such a great cause. Joe’s Grotto is always a fantastic time and having Phoenix’s No Cover down to help the venue with an overwhelming crowd was amazing. If you weren’t there you missed a great show-- if you made it out you know what I’m talking about!

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