UFEST98 KUPD’s U-fest 2014 - Mesa, AZ
By Sally A. Schwartz

Sometimes I don’t know which is more interesting in attending Ufest, a concert event put on by KUPD radio in Mesa, Arizona, the people or the bands. It seems every year that I attend I find something that just speaks of having a great time. It was interesting watching the fans as they waited in line for the gates to open-- this is when I think people watching is actually more fun than going to see the bands. I found myself laughing at a few overheard conversations and the things that were going on.

For the most part, people were out there just to “Devour the Day.” You could consider yourself lucky if you “Escape the Fate” of the mosh pit with only a few losses in the “Body Count.” I’m sure there were a few who saw themselves as a “Powerman 5000” throughout the day. One would have thought that they may have been “Born of Osiris” or being part of the human “Gemini Syndrome”, instead of trying others to “Let Live” the day.

UFESTIt was a good thing that is was only April and not one of your Arizona summers where “August Burns Red” leaving everyone glowing like a “Redlight King.” The real “Trivium” for the day was who was “Asking Alexandria” for the proper fluids to keep them hydrated. The one suggestion I would make to the promoters of this event or other such events of this nature are to have water tanks made available for free. Hydration at these type of concerts, especially here in Arizona, is really, really important. I’m sure many people, like the younger fans, came with a budgeted amount of money and those water tanks with free water are most helpful. Not to mention that it shows that the promoters of the festival are concerned for the well being of those who attend. To replace my electrolytes I actually purchased lemonade. The $4 can really add up. 

Over all many can say that, “We Came as Romans” seizing the day in order to “Crown the Empire,” but we left with “A Day to Remember” instead. We, at DaBelly.com, hope that all those who attended had a great and awesome time. That you stayed hydrated and moshed until you couldn’t mosh anymore.

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