Redeemer of SoulsJudas Priest 
Redeemer of Souls
Epic, Columbia
By Dave Schwartz

There is certainly more than average interest in “Redeemer of Souls,” the 17th release from one of the founding bands of metal, Judas Priest.  After 40-plus years of touring and with the departure of guitarist K.K. Downing, many wondered if Priest would be taking a final bow.  Instead they’ve freshened their set list with 18 new songs (yes, 18 including the 5 bonus tracks!). 

“Redeemer of Souls” is a mix of songs that manage to tip a hat to many of the highpoints in the audio history of the Judas Priest.  For me, the best song on the record is “Halls of Valhalla.”  The driving guitars on the intro and the vocal melody line will remind you why you fell in love with this band so many years ago. 

The aptly named title track, “Redeemer of Souls,” is yet another song that shows there is still life in this band.  The song  opens with a heavy grind before putting vocalist Rob Halford square in your face.  And yes, Halford’s vocal presence still demands reverence. 

Other standouts include “Sword of Damocles,” “Dragonaut” and “Battle Cry.”  You have to check “Redeemer of Souls” out.  It simply classic Priest! 

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