Ghost Season
"Ghosts Like Her"
By Sara Lambeth

Upon becoming a band just over a year ago, Ghost Season  released their debut EP "Ghosts Like Her," into the world of alternative rock/metal on September 2nd, 2014. Overall I’d have to say  that Ghost Season nailed it with the effort.  The five tracks are guided by dynamics, galloping passages, pristine guitar arrangements  and brilliantly composed guitar solos. showcase the band's diversity and musicianship.  

The EP opens strong with the  groovin’ track, "Alive." Here you are introduced to the immaculate guitar work that, throughout the album, reminisce earlier riffs from In Flames.  It could just be me, but the vocals on "Ghosts Like Her," especially the opening track "Alive," have a Katatonia-esque quality to them.

The intensity is turned up in the title track  "Ghosts Like Her."  This number pours a little more heaviness into the mix with layered vocals that build into screaming harsh growls. For me, the album peaks at the fourth song, "Father Time."

From epic vocal moments begging to be sung live to song structure just slightly off the beaten path, "Father Time" has it all.  In fact, the entire EP has it all and will leave a hook in your ear making you want more.  

Ghost Season is a name you will  probably start to see a lot. It seems like almost every day they are adding new dates of shows and festivals they are playing and rumor has it that a full length album is already in the works.

Ghost Season:

Nick Lountos - Vocals
Nick Christolis - Guitars
Nash Sinner - Guitars
Dorian Gates - Bass
Chris Grekas - Drums


1.      Alive
2.      Ghosts Like Her
3.      The Bleed
4.      Father Time
5.      Need

Release Date: September 2nd, 2014


Hometown: Athens, Greece

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