Chasing the Bullet
“The Twelfth Hour”
Maurice the Fish Records  

George Hernandez and Dennis Drake have been kicking around the Seattle music scene for a number of years stirring together local musicians, looking for the right mix.  Rockers Chasing The Bullet represents that latest mix and their album, “The Twelfth Hour,” their latest offering. 

Chasing the Bullet is Hernandez (bass), Drake (guitars), Ben Burris (vocals) and Bobby Nesbitt (drums)

“The Twelfth Hour” is a collection of 10 songs, each with their own personality, strengths and weaknesses that assemble into an impressive first offering from this band.  Production is tight and the aural quality impressive.  Standout songs include the in your face “Save Me” and “Snakes.”  “Mainstreet & Mayhem” has an infectiously bluesy guitar hook that drags you in.  And both “Kings Landing” and “Which Way to Madness” have moody intros that build into a powerful crunch.  The latter of the songs, “Madness,” is an excellent opportunity for vocalist Ben Burris to shine.

Three of the songs on this record were written with Ronny Monroe (Metal Church) and a fourth with Suzan Hernandez.  Despite a diverse writing contribution, “The Twelfth Hour” remains tight and cohesive.  The 10 songs assemble together into a somewhat retro sounding kick-ass album that has found a home in my stereo. 

Chasing the Bullet“The Twelfth Hour,” Tracklist:

1.      Storm Surge
2.      Snakes
3.      Save Me
4.      Kings Landing
5.      Out of the Underworld
6.      Mainstreen & Mayhem
7.      Red
8.      Which Way to Madness
9.      Hollow
10.    Sergeant R.

Release Date: March 13th, 2015
Record Label: Maurice the Fish Records

Chasing the Bullet:

George Hernandez (bass)
Dennis Drake (guitars)
Ben Burris (vocals)
Bobby Nesbitt (drums)


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