"West Of Wonder"
Independent Release
By Sally A.Schwartz

SunStone is the creation of guitarist and bassist Josh Roach, who, by day,  he is  the chief technology officer for his company Boost Academy. The band includes vocalist Jon Campos, drummer James Raub and pianist Barry Dubis and has recently released the effort, "West of Wonder."

I loved the graphics of the album cover right off the bat and they also gave clues to Roach's inspiration, which appears to include The Black Crowes, and Jethro Tull. When I heard the track, "Refuge," I half-expected vocalist Chris Robinson from the Black Crowes to jump out of my speakers and take over with "She Talks to Angels." You can again hear the influence of The Black Crowes in "Leave This Town." Iím not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. 

My favorite tracks from "West of Wonder" are "Feels like Love Again," "Mojo Groove" and "Little Miss Sassy." I do like the funk of "Moroccan Twilight," but it is very similar to Led Zeppelinís "Immigrant Song"-- how similar is the question. 

I enjoyed the southern rock/ blues feel of the album and love Campos' voice, as it is very fitting for the style of the effort. Raub, Dubis and background vocalists Beth Roach and Amber Dewar round out the album with a robust quality, lending their individual applications to the full body sound of this release. In the end, Iím still deciding what it is I truly like about "West of Wonder" and what I wish might have been different to showcase the creative musical individuality of SunStone.

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