Living Breathing - PlasticLiving Breathing
Independent Release 
By Sally A. Schwartz

One of the best things about being a photojournalist, is getting to review music from bands that you met by a fluke; then somewhere along the way they remember you and send you a copy of their new album. Such was the case of  "Plastic" by Living Breathing. I first met them as the opening act for Queensryche at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, Arizona. and reviewed the album Living Breathing gave me that night after the show, so it was exciting to receive a copy of their new effort due out mid- to late September.

I like the punch with which "Sweat" starts the album off, however, when sitting in traffic I kept  forwarding to "Peace Be With Me" and "Remember The Fall." Maybe it’s the message in the lyrics or the overall composition of those two songs, but which ever, they were the ones that got my attention. PLASTIC the title track for the album was my least favorite. The music composition was fantastic, yet it made me a little agitated. If that is what Living Breathing was going for, then they succeeded. I definitely felt the frustration the lyrics produced. It did make me stop to think, “What the hell am I doing here? Why am I doing this? I know… let’s move to track 3!”

Overall this album has brought Living Breathing into their own which brings the issues they address into symmetry throughout. The Album gives you a clear vision of who they are and what they want their music to say. Tracks 1,3,7,9 & 10 were my most listened to. While my favorites were Track 3 and Track 9. They were the two like I said early stood out for me due to their overall message and sound. In the end I liked the album and the direction the band has taken their music. The album cover is clean and sleek as well as eye catching. The album cover is a great use of graphics. It's a job well-done guy's! Thank you for bringing this new soon to be released album to my ear... I wish you much success with its release! 

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