Living BreathingLiving Breathing
In support of their album 'Plastic' at Joe’s Grotto
by Sally A. Schwartz

September 4th I headed over to Joe’s Grotto to catch the guys in Living Breathing, performing in support of their new album “Plastic.”  The members of Living breathing are: Mason Haley (vocals), Matt Haley (guitar), Joey Moraga (bass), Steven Natale (drums) and Gabe Sevy (keys).

What can I say?  Well, they were…  fantastic!  Hearing the Living Breathing’s new album “Plastic” performed live was amazing.  Their performance was true to the album and their progressive sound filled Joe’s Grotto.  I really liked Living Breathing since the first time I saw them over at the Celebrity Theater.  They know how to draw in their fans and newcomers alike. The band welcomes you into their world and makes you feel, not only a part of what they are doing, but they welcome you as if you came to see them at the studio. This is why I enjoy seeing them perform so much.

The new album, "Plastic" is great and I like it even better live.  I highly recommend that you get their new album and if you get a chance to see them live go for it!

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