By: Sara Lambeth

For all you D&D fans out there seeing Ghostwalk and getting excited, put down your bag of dice and twizzlers, Ghostwalk has nothing to do with the Well Of Souls. Although the name Ghostwalk was “inspired by physical and spiritual space where the realms of consciousness connect,” which is not too far off the D&D book, it is unconfirmed there is any correlation.  

Brought to you by metalheads, but not necessarily intended for metalheads, Ghostwalk began as an experiment between guitarists David Bernier and Matt Nisbet (Virulent) while one day jamming and talking gear. The rest of the  band slowly fell into place one by one with members from Don’t Panic, ex-Vivicide, former Autumn’s End, Hado, and Kruffix. Ghostwalk made their debut back in October releasing "Archive" and opening for Alcest. "Archive" is what I call mood music, whether you are setting the mood, creating a mood or just in a mood and is slightly comparable to the music from Mamiffer and Collide. It is executed in a performance art, neo goth style layered with dark tonal ambience, sultry female vocals and intoxicating sounds of an electric cello.  “'Archive' is a collection of pieces that came together through a dark awakening. Inspirational at times, yet unsure of what the future holds, we seek the answers hidden between reality and visions of the unknown.”

The album starts off flawlessly with "Ghostwalk," coming in at just under two minutes long. The song is easily one of the most beautiful introductions to an album I have ever heard. It’s epic in its own reserved way and has a cinematic feel, as if  you're watching a glorious and emotional battle scene in slow motion. "Ghostwalk" is followed by "The Funeral Fire," which has more of a neo goth or dark cabaret feel if you will.  The band has this to say about what inspired the music of "Archive":

“Many things inspire us all. We really just encourage each member to write creatively as to what they feel fits their part best. So far it has come together very nicely as we all add our own touch and style to each piece and we get inspired by fellow member’s additions to grow and expand into the projects that we create.”

"Archive" was mixed and mastered at the hands of guitarist Matt Nisbet and is available for your listening pleasure now on Spotify ( )

Enjoy the music video for “Fiend”

1.    Ghostwalk
2.    The Funeral Fire
GhostWalk3.    Archive
4.    City of Dust
5.    Phantom Sky
6.    Fiend
7.    New Romance
8.    Into Delirium
9.    Written in Blood
10.  Origin
11.  The Void (acoustic guitar by Dylan Troxel)

Release Date: October 20th, 2015

Band Line-up:
Mindee Bahr - Vocals/Keyboards
Matt Nisbet - Guitar/Programming
David Bernier - Guitar
Dylan Troxel - Drums/Programming
Allan Foster - BassLauren Jones - Cello


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