by: Sara Lambeth

Are you a well rounded metal fan but have genre and subgenre divided friends? Doesn’t it suck trying to come up with a mixed tape (or whatever it is you kids do nowadays) for either a road trip or a party that all your friends will agree upon? It is damn near impossible! Until now. Whether  they are the  proggy sophisticated type, the techy fundamentalists, the new wave instrumentalists, or the savvy elitists,  Animus Complex’s Immersion has got you covered. Much like their impressive previous release (Animus Complex,) Immersion is an intellectual and auditory adventure that deserves your full attention.  Imagine an ocean highlighted by intricate instrumental interplay with emotions and peaks running around during your entire listening session.

“It's a confrontation with some of the more complex issues we struggle with as humans. Often times we shut down and flee the opposite direction when adversity, turmoil, heartache and mortality comes into question, but we have to learn that it is part of the human experience. Sometimes these feelings are undesired, but are essential in order for us to truly experience life. I feel that our song Horizon lyrically encompasses the idea behind this album.” -Vocalist Matt Turkington.

Reinvention must be a challenging proposition for bands, but apparently not for Animus Complex. Immersion truly showcases the talent and passion behind each band member. Animus Complex expertly navigates wicked guitar riffs and solos ("Cnidaria"),perfectly executed  musicianship and production (“The Descent") and dynamic fusion breakdowns ("A Distant Shore") into one of the best albums released this year.

Animus Complex is having a CD release show January 16th, 2016 at Club Red in Mesa, Arizona. Supporting Animus Complex are:

Rite To Remain (,

A Distant Calm (,

Kruffix (, and

Paranova (   Be there or be square!

“Check out the video for Breath This Life”

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Animus Complex - ImmersionTracklist:
1.    The Descent
2.    Infinite Conclusions
3.    A Distant Shore
4.    Within Earth
5.    Horizon
6.    Breath This Life
7.    Cnidaria
8.    Anima
9.    Calypso

Release Date: December 3rd, 2015

Band Line-up:
Matt Turkington - Vocals
Jeremy Davis - Guitar
Stephen Poff - Bass
Michael Ohlson - Drums


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