VEXVEX - Your New Favorite Band
By Sara Lambeth

Most, if not all, journalists, musicians, and music buffs  have a handful of obscure, or lesser known bands they hold close to their heart. For me, one of those bands is VEX. I don’t want to give any preconceived notions by comparing them to another band, but  what I will tell you is that VEX is just as much an expression of art as they are an expression of music.  Everything from their music videos to the album artwork and from their live performances to the very last sound heard on the record, has a rhyme and a reason.

So, let me introduce you to VEX, your new favorite band! On vocals and also the theremin is the charismatic D.L., on bass guitar and the electric cello is virtuoso, Adam Rebeske , Jodiah Salinas is the axe man and Keith Heaney (Demiaura) sits on the throne. In 2009 the Silicon Desert of Arizona, a.k.a. Phoenix became VEX’s home.

Concept albums or records with an overall theme are a great musical rarity nowadays, which makes VEX’s debut that much more impressive. The four geniuses drew inspiration through Alchemy to create their debut album, “Vitriolum.” Released in 2013,  "Vitriolum"  haunts your inner artist with a mythic place of inspiration. The albums’  noetic pattern of interlude followed by two full length tracks entertains like an aural theatrical play. They do it with subtle intricacy, intense emotion and intellect.  VEX is what I would call a musician’s band that's knack for great songwriting doesn’t alienate those who might not “get it.”  

VEX’s  dedication, as well as the amount of time spent perfecting their craft, is impressive, especially in their interpretation of object animation. The music video below, "Road To Success," respectfully dedicated to the great Ray Harryhausen,  masterfully uses stop motion to tell a story of the 7 steps of Alchemy. The video is brilliant and VEX is brilliant.

Enjoy "Road To Success" and you’re welcome for introducing you to your new favorite band!



VEX - VitriolumD.L. - Voice/Theremin
Adam  Rebeske - Bass/Electric Cello
Keith Heaney - Percussion
Jodiah Salinas- Guitars



Twitter @VexPhoenix

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