Watsky Rules At The Fonda
By Jules E. Beuck and Allyson Pollard

George Watsky paid a return visit to the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles and had the audience in the palm of his hand from the moment he took the stage. Watsky's manic presentation had the crowd cheering and singing along. He started out on top of a small platform but soon was running from one end of the stage to the other. He crowd surfed twice during the show.

He used call and response and encouraging the audience to sing along, which the audience did enthusiastically. A few times he told the crowd “Sing along if you know the words and if you don’t make up your own words.”

Some of the songs he performed were “Brave New World,” “Moral Of The Story,” “Pink Lemonade,” and “No Complaints, No Conversation.” Before “Don’t Be Nice” he closed his eyes and asked all the nice people to leave the room. With eyes closed he said he could feel the nice people heading for the exit. When he opened his eyes he told the audience that those who stayed were “dirty and grimy.” (No one felt insulted.)

It was drummer Susan Thawer’s birthday and Watsky had the audience sing happy birthday to her.

Opening the show was Feed The Biirds which is composed of two members of Watsky’s band, Camila Recchio and Kush Mody. Mody performed on multiple instruments including keyboards, guitar and bass while providing background vocals to Camila’s lead vocals. Mody performed on a violin shaped bass for Feed The Biirds while using a larger five string bass during the Watsky set. Percussion and other background vocals were prerecorded. They were well received by the audience.

Next up was Washington, DC rapper Beau Young Prince who has one of his songs “Let Go” on the soundtrack for the “Spiderman Into The Spiderverse” animated movie. Prince went through an energetic set of his tunes, including “Let Go” and “Two For One” that had the audience dancing and rapping along with him.

Feed The Biirds and Beau Young Prince were very well received by the audience but when Watsky took the stage it was very clear whom the people had come to see. Watsky gave the audience all they wanted and more. After two encores it was time for him to take his tour to Europe.

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