NAMM 2007
By Dave Schwartz, Naughty Mickie, Susan Nipper and Sally Schwartz

Itís that time of year again! NAMM 2007 returned home to the Anaheim Convention for another year of big announcements and big names. But this year, when we returned to the convention floor we were going to have some help.

We will have reports and reviews added throughout the month from staff writers Naughty Mickie and Sally Schwartz and newcomer Susan Nipper, as well as myself.

And I had some unexpected guests. This year Roy Brown and his teen son Cody accompanied me. Roy was my drummer from way back in the day when we still thought we could become rock stars. After flirting with the dream, he went on to become an on-air radio personality and later work in sales for one of the larger radio conglomerates. Roy tempered his excitement with a deep understanding of the music business. Cody on the other hand seemed about ready to explode. Heís been playing guitar for a year and this would be his first walk through what amounts too be the worlds largest music store.

"Arenít you even the least bit excited?" Cody asked.

"Letís see, is this is my 8th year at NAMM. And each year, after walking the convention floor for 4 days, I feel like a bus has hit me," I said and assured him that I was smiling on the inside! But I do owe him a debt of gratitude. With Codyís help I was seeing NAMM through new eyes and I must admit it was refreshing.

Letís see what we found at NAMM this year.

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