NAMM 2008
By Dave Schwartz

Itís that time of year again! NAMM 2008 returned home to the Anaheim Convention for another year of big announcements and big names.  This year we have several new faces joining us at NAMM so expect some interesting viewpoints!  We will have reports and reviews added throughout the month from staff writers Naughty Mickie and Sally Schwartz, Susan "Lil Nipper" Donnelly as well as new comers Dan Narvaiz, Jason Mills and Candy Eaton.  

Letís see, is this is our 9th year at NAMM and each year it keeps getting bigger and better.  As always, he stars were out in force giving us more opportunities to hear what they think of the latest gear.  And speaking of gear, new products often make their debut here so you're never sure what you'll find around the very next corner!  Letís see what we found at NAMM this year. We'll be splitting coverage up into headings. 

THE SCENE - Overview of the NAMM Convention     Focusing on the stars     Want To Play?

THE STUFF - Product Reviews, Product Photos, etc.     Pro Cymbal Cleaning System     Halo Guitars    Warrior Guitars Powerball/ Dynaflex Pro Gyro Exerciser     Woodsounds and High Spirits Native American Flutes     Martin Guitar              Tycoon Percussion and Dancing Drum    

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