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"Lust in Space," the eleventh studio album from GWAR, was released August, 2009 and has become the highest charting effort from this Grammy-nominated, sci-fi-influenced, thrash-metal band. The storyline for the latest album is simple: GWAR manages to steal a Scumdog ship and prepares to finally leave Earth, however, Cardinal Syn returns and plans an attack. GWAR then seeks the help of Zog, an old Scumdog commander who trained Oderus, to help them. Unfortunately it turns out that he's become nothing but old and homeless. GWAR eventually sets everything straight and leaves Earth, promising to stop on tour, and keep us all up to date on their activities.

Oderus, Beefcake and a cast of characters have hit the road in support of the new record and to spread mayhem everywhere. I called Oderus (Dave Brockie) to discuss "Lust in Space" and all things GWAR.

DB: First of all thanks for taking this interview. I'm excited that we finally get a chance to talk. We played phone tag a bit, but it did all work out. Let's start at the beginning, congratulations on the new record, "Lust in Space."

Brockie: Thanks! We're stoked about it. It's an awesome fucking album!

DB: Let's talk a little about the record.

Brockie: Well what do you want to know?

DB: I read that you occasionally record over at the Slave Pit, is that where you did this record?

Brockie: No. We recorded it at Karma Studios, which is Cory's studio. Cory (Smoot) plays Flattus. I guess you could say Karma is like the Slave Pit I suppose. The Slave Pit is where we do all the props and costumes and where build all the shit.

DB: I see. I thought that I read you actually put a studio into the Slave Pit too.

Brockie: Well, there have been times, but right now we're kind of in between spaces so our stuff is scattered all over town. Karma is Cory's studio and in a sense an extension of the Slave Pit as well.

DB: Thanks for the clarification. Since we're talking about Cory, I noticed that he also produced "Lust In Space." I believe this is the first time GWAR has completely taken over the reins of production.

Brockie: Absolutely. This is the first time we've completely produced ourselves. Honestly, I don't know what took us so long. This is the best sounding GWAR album we've ever done!

DB: I've read a lot about GWAR's return to metal and now, finally with this record, your return to Metal Blade Records. Along with producing yourself, this seems like the final piece of the puzzle.

GWARBrockie: Really I think the big return to metal started with "Violence Has Arrived" in 2001. We veered off of the parody and comedy type music, but we always know that GWAR is going to be funny no matter what. I mean we claim we're from outer space and I walk around with a three-foot fucking dick hanging out! I mean I'm raping Barack Obama in the head! It's going to be funny. We found that it sounds best with metal and so we pretty much just ran in that direction a few years ago. Each time we put a record out, unlike a lot of bands that keep getting shittier each time, our records improve. I think "Lust In Space" is the best record we've ever done. We've had a lot of musicians with us over the years. I've had Jizmak (Brad Roberts) and Balsac (Mike Derks) with me since "Scumdogs of the Universe," Cory came in as Flattus (Cory Smoot - Flattus Maximus) on "Violence Has Arrived" and Casey (Casey Orr - Beefcake the Mighty) came back, so I think we really do have the best lineup for metal that GWAR has ever had. This was the first studio album that Casey has done with us in a long time. The album really reflected our metal sensibilities and I think we're just getting better and better at it and of course proving ourselves was important also. So unlike a lot of bands that seem to suck more and more as they get older, I feel we're going in the opposite direction.

DB: I agree with you totally. It's hard to believe but it's been 25 years since GWAR broke onto the music scene. In many ways GWAR has been a revelation to the music industry. You're kind of the redheaded stepchild that just won't go away. Do you take pride in shaking up the music industry?

Brockie: Oh yeah, that was one of the many reasons we started it. We started GWAR just to amuse ourselves. And one of the things that we wanted to do to amuse ourselves was to take a shot at some of the people that just take themselves way to seriously. One of the big archetypes that we wanted to destroy was the myth of the rock star. I've always found rock stars to be egotistical, pampas, just overly... Ahhh, just because you're in a band doesn't mean that you automatically gain intelligence. A lot of them are just morons with microphones. A lot of the time I won't read the lyrics to a band's songs because I might like the way a band sounds, but I know that if I read what the singer is writing about I'm going to hate his shit. So not only were we interested in skewering the music industry, but also the musicians that make it up. I mean we believe that nobody is immune or can escape GWAR's wrath and we've been lighting them up ever since.

DB: This tour you've been holding "Meat and Beat" sessions in selected cities. You're giving fans a chance to come backstage and meet all the members of the band. What brought this opportunity about?

Brockie: We saw that a lot of bands have been doing that, the classic meet-and-greet. GWAR wanted to do their own take on it. Even though we beat, spew crap and generally just make people miserable and happy at the same time, we wanted to have a special opportunity for fans to get an extra special beating. It's kind of a present to the fans. A lot of these guys come see GWAR 20 or 30 times, but they've never met the band and could never figure out how to get an autograph. So it's time we give back a little bit. They've supported us for 25 years of this insanity, so it's chance for them to get a little bit extra. To be honest there's nothing more we can do to our fans. They've suffered just about every pervasion that a person can go through in 25 years of this fucking thing, so to throw the costumes on a little early and see the fans is no big deal.

DB: SO how are the fans able to do this? Is there a lottery or are you just going to ask them to line up or...?

Brockie: It's a lineup basically. We cut it off at 50. We meet everyone just before the show in some shadowy chamber somewhere in the freaking place and from there they are graced with the presence of the eternal overlords GWAR. And if they survive all that, they still get to go see the show!

DB: Very cool! I'm sure this opportunity is going to be very popular. I have a few questions for Oderus if you don't mind. Kind of a rapid fire Q/A to finish up the interview.

GWARBrockie: Well he's right here. He's always with me! It's almost disturbing how easily I go back and forth between Oderus and the man. I'm not even sure who I am anymore!

DB: It must be a blur sometimes!

Brockie: Oh no, you've got that backwards. Sometimes it's clear, it's pretty much always blurry!

DB: I understand. Well let's see how we do with these questions for Oderus.


DB: I've heard that women can get pregnant from just seeing you-- how do you afford the child support? Do you cut lawns on the weekends? Hold charity carwashes?

Oderus: I'm a terrible father. I don't pay any child support. Basically, bring a five-gallon bucket down to the show and maybe I'll piss in it. You can bring that home and pour it on the kid!

DB: If you were to have a dream date, Which president would you most like to skull fuck?

Oderus: George Washington because I want to get his wooden teeth stuck on my cock!

DB: And the reciprocal, Which president would you most like to skull fuck you?

Oderus: Oooooo, Ronald Regan because he had such a big pecker! Come on, he was the biggest dick we've ever had in the White House.

DB: Are you a member of Opera's book club?

Oderus: WHAT!?!?!?!?

DB: Opera's book club, come on man!

Oderus: Fuck no! I could only read if it was in Braille I read by feel.

DB: Given that GWAR created humanity by fucking animals, do you have any messages for PETA?

Oderus: Yeah, shut the fuck up already. Animals do a lot better with human beings like Pamela Anderson trying to represent their rights. We don't give a shit about you Pamela Anderson. How do we take you seriously? Go suck Tommy Lee's cock and spread more hepatitis and let animals fend for themselves. Animals are suppose to live outside. They're supposed to be experimented on. If we hadn't experimented on animals we never would've figured out how to make Pamela Anderson's tits bigger. Do you know how many monkeys got boob jobs before we perfected the technology for human beings?

DB: That's a disturbing thought.

Oderus: There were a lot of crappy fucking boob job operations before they finally got it right. Maybe if they had spent a little more time perfecting collagen lip injections on animals her face wouldn't look so fucked up.

DB: Well, this might be true.

Oderus: Of course it's true!

DB: Given that we're conducting this interview on Halloween, what are you going to dress up as today?

GWAROderus: I never dress up for Halloween. You humans seem to think it's kind of special so we indulge you. Maybe I'll dress up as a human being and go stand in a bar and let people buy me shots. Either that or Ms. Packman, one or the other.

DB: OK, I have a Celebrity Death Match question. Who would win this match: Six Japanese ninja school girls riding on the back of Godzilla or GWAR?

Oderus: Mmmmmm, GWAR against Godzilla is a pretty fucking hard fight. If you were to take the Japanese school girls away it would be a tough one. I think I've got to go with Godzilla-- he's pretty bad ass.

DB: I think it's even until you throw in the school girls. You watch any kung fu movie and you know that you never fuck with the school girl or the old man. They'll kick your ass.

Oderus: Yeah, we would all be distracted by raping them and then Godzilla would come in and kick our ass with his breath!

DB: OK, last question. If you were asked to contribute to a Donna Summer tribute album what would your contribution be?

Oderus: Ooooooo!!! I would supply the vocals for "Love to Love You Baby," that's one of my favorite songs. It's so fucking repetitive that I might even remember the lyrics. You just go, "love to love you baby" like 500 times in a row, I think I can do that. Whatever happened to Donna Summer anyway? She was so fucking hot and then she just sort of disappeared.

DB: Well she disappeared and then came back and did a country album and then revisited disco a little bit and then I don't know what happened...

Oderus: Well we certainly lost one of our greatest artists when she went away. Come on back Donna, I've got a spot for you on the new GWAR tour. If she'll open her slot for me, I'll do likewise!

I want to thank Dave Brockie for accepting the interview and wish GWAR all of our best on their current tour. For more information check out:

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