NAMM (International Music Merchants Association) has one of the most popular trade shows in the world. Every winter, music dealers, vendors, buyers, musicians, press and more spend four days in a musical instrument candy store, better known as the Anaheim Convention Center. We expected this year to be subdued and perhaps a tad somber, as the economy is still down and more and more people are out of work. But instead, the mood was optimistic and the general buzz was business is good. It seems that people are turning to musical instruments as a outlet for stress and a place to find comfort. They are a good investment, because unlike a night at the movies or in a bar, instruments last and can be enjoyed over and over again. You don't have to purchase every new doodad that comes down the pike to get the most from your instrument either, you can relish it just as it came when you paid for it. But, inside NAMM, that does hardly seem any fun.

DaBelly focused a lot on the business side of music this year. We looked for some intriguing and innovative products to share with you. Yes, there still were stars and a scene. The scene was broken into the "look at me, I somebody" dressers, who were mostly unknown musicians hoping to get notice or visitors to NAMM seeking attention, and the average dressed people from casual T-shirts to business suits, who were there to work and network. There were also a lot of those in between, who flaunted their personal style without going over the top.

Enjoy some photos by staff photographer Keith Durflinger, who captured the sights of NAMM (and the sounds, as he's an avid drummer as well!). Staff writer and photographer (and talented bass player) Jules Beuck spent a day at NAMM and shares his experience as well. Naughty Mickie wouldn't miss NAMM for the world, as she likes to dabble on a variety of instruments, but claims mastery of none-- we know her best asset is getting the story, which she did, bringing us two business tales and some cool products to check out.

Look, read and enjoy our foray into the top shelf of the sweetest in the store....

Michelle Mills


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Images of NAMM

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