Full Circle with Lynch Mob
By Dave Schwartz
Photos by Keith Durflinger

lynch1edit.jpg (26133 bytes)I've been in this business long enough to understand that people are constantly moving, changing, evolving. If you're not, you're dead. So naturally it's exciting when you cross paths with the some players you haven't seen in a while; often it's a chance to renew old friendship and laugh about life on the road.

We recently crossed paths with George Lynch and Jimmy D'Anda of Lynch Mob. First running into them at the recent International Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) convention in Anaheim, California, and later at aperformance at Crossroads Concert Bar in Yucaipa, California. Lynch has had a career of many incarnations, all of them distinctly individual where he has had the luxury of exploring the many facets of his guitar. He describes this incarnation of Lynch Mob as "picking up where the last album left off." Sadly that disc was released about the time grunge was slamming the door on musicianship. But as strange as it is when the music scene moves away from you its even more unusual when it comes right back. Recognizing good fortune, George Lynch has reassembled his Lynch Mob and taken it out on the road. He has enlisted the help of original vocalist, Oni Logan, ex-L.A. Guns and Dio bassist, Chuck Garric, and ex-Bullet Boys drummer, Jimmy D'Anda to recreate the decade-old Lynch Mob grooves from the "Wicked Sensation" release. This "new" Lynch Mob hasn't recorded yet and are busy trying out new material in concerts across the nation.

So you've reassembled Lynch Mob. Is this the same kind of vibe as the "Wicked Sensation" CD?

"This is the same vibe as the old band," Lynch began. "We are emphasizing the first album and new material. We are out with Dio (and Armored Saint). We are doing about 18 dates I think. We left on the 12th of February, and we will be back on the 10th of March."

"It's going to be a lot of fun I think because a couple of us know the Armored Saint guys and I know that George's first tour out in '83 or '84 was opening for Dio," D'Anda added.

Didn't you have Juan Croucier on bass back then, Juan from Ratt? Didn't he play bass for you for a while?

Lynch smiled, "No, no Juan never played with us, not in America. That was in Germany. Actually we had the bass player from Accept on the first album. That guy could play!"

And now you're out with Dio again. In a sense you've come full circle. Where was your opening show?

"We started in New Orleans," Lynch said.

"The first day of Mardi Gras!" D'Anda chimed in.

Lynch continued, "The last shows are the 10th (of March) at the House of Blues in Anaheim and the 11th out in Riverside."

Lynch Mob will be continuing tour dates on their own, including some in Southern California in April, as well as other places across the nation.

Are you continuing on with the, for lack of a better description, late '80s early '90s sound? Is that what you're heading for or is this more like your solo projects?lynchmob2edit.jpg (40569 bytes)

"I think that the intensity is really going to be the focal point," D'Anda said. "George is always pushing it, so I think that intensity-wise we are just going to try to recapture what those guys did on the first record just to have that type of rock and roll edge."

"It's kind of like the first album-- it's true to form," Lynch agreed.

"They were a little bit different players so it's different. I'm not playing this '80s shred style like I did back then."

There is a song of yours that was on your solo album that I absolutely love, it's called "Tierra del Fuego," there are so many different feels to that song. You did an acoustic solo along with the electric solos... It's an amazing song. I really love to listen to that piece.

"Yeah, we aren't doing any of that stuff," Lynch explained. "We are just trying to say one thing. This tour is about this next record, the tour is an extension of that. There are other people involved with this. This is going to be kind of an adventure I think."

With a big smile D'Anda agreed, "It's fun, it's fun now. I know that I'm having more fun than I have in a long time on any tour with any band."

Perhaps this was the opening that Lynch was looking for. When D'Anda first arrived for the interview there were a few moments required by us all to enjoy the visual. D'Anda was dressed in black leather pants, boots, no shirt, a white-shagged fur vest, a thick chain necklace with a padlock, and sunglasses.

"You're having more fun just getting dressed up for the show I think," Lynch joked.

Yeah, where exactly did you find this fur vest?

D'Anda laughed, "I show up to rehearsal like this. I always dress a little funky. George asks, 'Where are you going?' and I say, 'I'm coming to rehearsal with you!'"

Shaking his head Lynch agreed, "He does dress like this all the time."

"I try to get... I feel good about myself and I don't see why I can't get a little funky," D'Anda explained.

George + Jimmy edit.jpg (22713 bytes)Well you do make a statement when you come through the door and it really shows how comfortable you are just being yourself. Have you been helping George with his attire too?

And with that big smile D'Anda described how he would dress George. "When I'm done with him he's going to come out with a fucking Afro! He will have full-sleeved tattoos; he will be out of control!"

All right, so where do you shop?

"I shop you know, at second hand stores. They are always the best," D'Anda said.

"Frederick's! Frederick's of Hollywood!" Lynch laughed.

Well now you have the stage clothes, what kind of stage show are you going to have?

Shaking his head Lynch replied, "Every time we try to do something different it turns out silly, so I just do what I do. This is going to be the first time this chemistry comes about this way, so I think when you get a new band together I think the stage habits change. You see guys doing things differently and you react. You will see a guy over there and it will cause something in your head to go. It depends. This is such a unique thing right now. And it's really hard to say what is going to change and what is going to be different."

It gives you a chance to be more creative right? When you get there, you're able to try new things.

"It really does," D'Anda explained. "You know what, we're not wrapped into a video, were not all about radio so we have to stay within boundaries. This is a playground. We don't owe anybody anything right now, except the fans, of course. We have the freedom to say, 'You know what, let's expand this section.' George can do a lead whenever he fucking feels like now. It's not like a label is out there saying 'Hey what the fuck are you guys doing?' or MTV saying 'We're not going to play the video'. Fuck it, were gonna have fun. We're going to make this thing rock and roll."

"Whatever we do is not going to piss people off," Lynch continued. "Oni's not going to start rapping or anything, but we are going to be adventurous."

Have you put together the Web site? You know, a place where fans can find you tour schedule or maybe buy a CD?

"You know if you want to find us on the Internet and do a search, you can't put in Lynch Mob. You have to put in 'The Lynch Mob'," D'Anda explained. "It's very frustrating."

lynch2edit.jpg (33623 bytes)"Somebody owns the domain" Lynch clarified.

What do you think of the Web for musicians?

"It's just another resource. A place people can go to find out what we are up to," Lynch said.

With a grin D'Anda added, "As long as it's used for good and not for evil!"

Lynch has come a long way since he first picked up a guitar at age ten. In the '80s, he gained attention recording five albums with Dokken and earning a Grammy in 1989 for Best Rock Instrumental. That same year, he decided to go solo and formed his own group, Lynch Mob. And now, better than ten years later, things have come full circle. A national tour in support of Dio and the anticipation of a new CD. It may have been more than 10 years between albums but believe me, that same "Wicked Sensation" is still there! For more information visit
www.thelynchmob.com or www.georgelynch.com

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