Citizen Zero - State of Mind
By Dave Schwartz

When you think about Detroit and music a sound comes to mind.  Add in an era - the 60's and Motown is all over your AM dial.  The late 70's and you might think of The Silver Bullet Band.  My assertion of course is that Detroit has left an imprint on the music industry many times and in many ways.  If you'll forgive a somewhat topical jest, perhaps it's something in the water!  Irrespective of reason, Detroit has been the beginning of too many bands and too many sounds to write it all off as coincidence. 

Citizen Zero is aware of Detroit's legacy and is about to add to it.  Last August they released "State of Mind" on Wind-up Records and soon after hit the road.  There's is a tragic tale of hard work, tragic loss, perseverance and resurrection.  Citizen Zero’s road has been more bumpy than most but those bumps have a way of strengthening a band.  You’ll hear that unmistaken strength on “State of Mind.” 

I caught up with Josh LeMay, Sammy Boller, John Dudley and Sam Collins of Citizen Zero at NAMM and this is what happened…

No. Title Length
1. "What a Feeling" 4:14
2. "Go (Let Me Save You)" 4:38
3. "Save the Queen" 4:08
4. "State of Mind" 3:15
5. "Come Away" 4:39
6. "Lure and Persuade" 3:05
7. "Love Let It" 3:59
8. "Applause and Fame" 4:59
9. "When the Rain Comes" 4:16
10. "Bangin in the Nails" 4:05
11. "Home" 4:31

Released August 5th, 2016
Wind-up Records
Citizen Zero - State of Mind 

DaBelly Host:

Dave Schwartz

Citizen Zero:
Josh LeMay - lead vocals/rhythm guitar
Sammy Boller - lead guitar
John Dudley - drums
Sam Collins - bass

Filmed On Location:
NAMM 2017

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