Gemini SyndromeGemini Syndrome -
Memento Mori

By Dave Schwartz
Photography by Nahnalah G.

While many bands have produced concept albums, Gemini Syndrome is pushing things a bit further.  They are revealing a multifaceted story across a three record arc.  Their first album, “LUX,” was about birth and self-awareness.  This record, “Memento Mori,” is about recognizing mortality and living one’s life to its fullest.  The third album will presumably be about the closing years of life. 

After nearly three years of touring on “LUX,” the band's maturity and their development is very apparent on “Memento Mori.”  The first single, "Anonymous," comments upon the war on mental freedom that’s being waged here – by many entities including media and politics.  The ideal of course is to protect the sovereignty of our mind and spirit.  Gemini Syndrome’s most recent single and album namesake, “Remember We Die” heralds our own mortality. 

The album artwork reflects the complexities of this musical journey.  It is designed to show the different layers of our physical and spiritual form going through the phases of disintegration, ending in the release of the soul.  Yes, there’s a lot going on here if you wish to dig. 

I caught up with drummer Brian Medina to ask about the new record.  Watch...

No. Title Length
1. "Anonymous" 3:16
2. "Remember We Die" 3:45
3. "Zealot" 3:50
4. "Gravedigger" 4:21
5. "On Point" 3:22
6. "La Devastante Veritá" 1:29
7. "Sorry Not Sorry" 3:34
8. "Eternity" 3:33
9. "Alive Inside" 4:18
10. "Inception" 3:49
11. "Lucido Somnium" 1:23
12. "Say Goodnight" 3:59
13. "Awaken" 3:55
14. "Ordo ab Chao" 1:01
15. "Brought To Light" 5:05
Gemini Syndrome - Memnto Mori 

DaBelly Host:

Dave Schwartz

Gemini Syndrome:
Aaron Nordstrom - vocals
Brian Steele Medina - drums
Alessandro Paveri - bass
Daniel Sahagún - guitar
Charles Lee Salvaggio - guitar

Filmed On Location:
Pub Rock Live

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