Dune RatsDune Rats – The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit
By Dave Schwartz

It’s not often that DaBelly does an email interview.  Honestly, they can be a bit of a challenge.  But when offered a chance to talk with the Brisbane’s own Dune Rats, an email interview appeared to be our best option. 

Haven’t heard of the Dune Rats?  Their new album, “The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit,” was released on February 11th and went straight to the top of the Australian charts.  I know that their fans aren’t surprised and I trust that Danny Beausa (guitar), BC Michaels (drums) and Brett Jansch (bass) are quite proud.

The Dune Rats have been putting out EPs and singles since 2011 and, together with relentless international touring, they have carved out strong foothold in the market.  Building on that foundation, their self-titled debut released in 2014 peaked at number 22 in the Aussie charts.  And with “The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit” going straight to #1, a statement is being made. 

I caught up with guitarist Danny Beausa by email and it went like this…


DB:  Your new record, "The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit," is about to drop.  Tell me about the record.  Tell me about how you recorded it and who you worked with. 

Danny Beausa: We recorded it over two separate weeks in Melbourne at a place called Headgap. We worked on it with Zac from Fidlar. It's a 30 minute anxiety trip of stoner pop.

DB:  Fidlar frontman Zac Carper produced your new album, what did he bring to the project? 

Danny Beausa: He brought a keyboard and a suitcase full of clothes. He likes heaps of weird sounds too so we chucked a bunch of them fucks in there too.

DB:  How was he to work with? 

Danny Beausa: He was a semi-nuke but we enjoyed every minute of it, he's a smart dude and a good producer.

DB:  You’re talking about making your show more theatrical, tell me about that. 

Danny Beausa: Nah I can't, it'll just be fucking epic so you gotta come and if you don't then ask a mate who did.

DB:  You credit Dandy Warhols' frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor with coming up with the title for the album.  "The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit" is an interesting title, how did it come about?

Danny Beausa: We were in Portland and his rehearsal space, we said we were starting the album and he just made us aware that if we don't write what we want and what is our sound then cunts will know it ain't right and be off it.

DB:  You have an Australian tour coming up in March and you’re selling out many of the shows, will you be heading to Europe and North America?  If so when? 

Danny Beausa: Yeah, sold a tonne out it's epic! We don't know just yet about the U.S. but pretty sure we will! Europe is gonna be in the first half of the year though. 

I look forward to catching the Dune Rats when they finally make it back to the U.S.-- you should too!  Thanks for sharing a little time with us Danny.

https://youtu.be/ul6VV8XW9xw  “Scott Green” Official Video

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