HammerFall – More Than Just Built to Last
By Dave Schwartz 

It’s been 7 long years since HammerFall has toured North America.  Their fans have waited with patience and were rewarded with a HammerFall/Delain co-headline tour.  When I first saw this tour pairing I knew that the show would be very special.  And judging by the large turnout, I wasn’t alone. 

HammerFall has long been considered one of the creators of the Gothenburg metal sound.  “Built to Last” is their tenth record in 20 years.  And from my perspective, the band took a small step backwards – reclaiming elements of their root sound – in order to take this amazing step forward.  The result you ask?  “Built to Last” was a #1 record in the Swedish charts and the #1 most added record in the US metal radio charts. 

I sat down with bassist Fredrik Larsson at Club Red in Mesa, AZ.  Watch… 

No. Title Length
"Bring It"                                              
2. "Hammer High" 4:38
3. "The Sacred Vow" 4:12
4. "Dethrone and Defy" 5:11
5. "Twilight Princess" 5:04
6. "Stormbreaker" 4:52
7. "Built to Last" 5:53
8. "The Star of Home" 4:47
9. "New Breed" 5:02
10. "Second to None" 5:30

Released November 4th, 2016
Napalm Records
HammerFall - Built to Last 

DaBelly Host:

Dave Schwartz

Oscar Dronjak – Guitars
Fredrik Larsson – Bass
Joacim Cans – Vocals
Pontus Norgren – Guitars
Johan Kullberg - Drums

Filmed On Location:
Club Red

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