Toothgrinder – Talking About 'Phantom Amour'
By Dave Schwartz 

Toothgrinder has a new record due out November 10th-- “Phantom Amour” and the band has taken the somewhat unusual step of heading out on tour well in advance of its release.   When I say somewhat unusual, I mean that in the context of most bands.  Most will not hit the road nearly two months in advance of their next release, but Toothgrinder isn’t like most bands as these road dogs have established well-worn trails crisscrossing America one tour after the next. 

Toothgrinder has released several videos to tease “Phantom Amour.”  “The Shadow” dropped September 8th, “Phantom Amour” on October 3rd and “Let It Ride” on October 27th.  Fans will notice that the new record evolves slightly from past efforts in that it has more of a groove.  While the subtle change is noted, the band hasn’t departed from their signature sound. 

I spoke with drummer Wils Weller backstage at The Crescent Ballroom. 

1. "Hvy" 3:35
2. "The Shadow" 4:01
3. "Let It Ride" 3:05
4. "Phantom Amour" 4:17
5. "Red" 3:13
6. "Adenium" 3:20
7. "Jubilee" 3:31
8. "Paris" 4:29
9. "Pietà" 3:17
10. "Snow" 3:42
11. "Vegabond" 3:23
12. "Futile" 3:36
13. "Facing East from a Western Shore" 4:47

Released  November 10th, 2017
Spinefarm Records
Toothgrinder - Phantom Amour 

DaBelly Host:

Dave Schwartz


Justin Matthews (vocals)

Jason Goss (guitar)

Matt Arensdorf (bass/vocals)

Wills Weller (drums)

Johnuel Hasney (guitar)

Filmed On Location:
The Crescent Ballroom,   Phoenix, AZ

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