Through Fire – Learning To “Breathe”
By Dave Schwartz

Most are very aware of Through Fire.  Born from the ashes of Emphatic, Through Fire is the creation of guitarist Justin McCain.  The debut album, “Breathe,” broke the Top 10 on many charts and spawned three Top 40 singles – “Stronger”, Breathe” and “Where You Lie.”  While the success is impressive it is also well earned, as Through Fire has lived on the road, constantly promoting and touring since releasing this record. 

I recently spoke with Grant Brooks, drummer and latest addition to Through Fire.  It went like this…

DB:  Congrats on “Breathe.”  This album has had some amazing legs.  Its been out since July 2016 and you’ve had remarkable success with it.  Number 4 on the U.S. Heatseekers Chart, Number 7 on U.S. Hard Rock Albums Chart, and I understand that you’re heading out on the band’s first headlining tour.  I would like to hear all about that.

Grant:  We are super stoked about it.  I’m actually the new guy in the band.  I got with the band in August.  They hit me up and I got on board right before they did their festival shows.  It’s just super exciting.  This will actually be the second tour that I’ve ever been on.  It’s going to be really cool to see how everything turns out and goes. 

DB:  The success of this record, the band has had three singles off of it, I would have to imagine that there is a great deal of pride with putting out this album and being able to support it on tour.

Grant:  We are happy and thankful that everyone is supporting this record.  It’s the radio stations and the fans.  We’re just so blessed that everyone is loving this record because I know that everyone put their heart into making this CD.  We’re going to play every song on the album on this upcoming tour.  We can’t wait because there are a couple of songs on the album that we haven’t played before. 

DB:  I know that after the holidays there is talk of starting work on a new record.  Peering into the future, has the band started any of that work?  Are there any new songs that we can discuss?

Grant:  I know for a fact that Justin (McCain, guitarist and founder of Through Fire) is hard at work, writing constantly songs for the album.  He’s constantly writing.  We’re hoping that by next fall we’ll have our sophomore record ready for everyone. 

DB:  Has there been any conversations as far as who will be producing this album?

Grant:  I’m not 100% sure who that will be yet.  We’re still in the writing process.  But everyone is hard at work, writing every day. 

DB:  Through Fire has also had success with your music in the secondary markets – licensing your music to sporting events such as UFC and WWE’s Backlash 2016.  How does that make you feel to hear your music associated with a variety of sporting events?

Grant:  It’s incredible.  For instance, for WWE Backlash it was awesome to turn it to the channel and hear your song playing in the background all the time.  It’s a really cool feeling, nothing like it because it brings your music to people who may not have normally heard our song.  If they hear your song, then more and more people out there will buy it. 

DB:  About 6 months back Through Fire put out the deluxe addition of your record, “Breathe.”  You added some special additions to the record like acoustic tracks and a cover of Christina Perri’s “Jar of Hearts.”  How did the band come to select “Jar of Hearts” to cover?

Grant:  Well, they actually did all of that before I got with the band so I can’t really answer that.  I don’t know the whole reason behind that but I do know that we will be playing that song every night on the upcoming tour. 

DB:  So with the talk of recording a new record in the coming year, has there been any talk of touring after you get out of the studio?

Grant:  Not at this time.  But we are planning on a huge year in 2018.  We can’t wait to share our music with everyone. 

DB:  I’m looking forward to it.  That’s really all of the questions that I have today.  Is there anything else that you want to talk about?

Grant:  Just thanks to everyone for supporting Through Fire and we hope to see everyone out on our first headlining tour.  It’s going to be a sick end of the year for us! 


I want to thank Grant Brooks for sharing a moment with DaBelly.  Be sure to check out Through Fire on their first headlining tour.  They’ll be on the road until Christmas.  And watch for upcoming info in their next record due out in 2018. 

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