Entheos's Dark Future
By Dave Schwartz

I recall the first moment I became aware of Entheos.  In December, 2015 I did an interview with The Black Dahlia Murder at The Pressroom in Phoenix, AZ.  After the interview I wandered from the backstage area out into the crowd.  It wasn’t long before the first band took the stage.  It was Entheos.  Entheos only had their EP out and the group was still young enough where the four of them were still in the process of discovering who they were as a band.  But one thing was very obvious-- Entheos was very different from many of the other bands on the road. 

Two full years and two full albums later I caught up with guitarist Travis LeVrier backstage at Club Red in Mesa, AZ.  We talked about the new Entheos record – “Dark Future” – and life on the road for this very unique band.

1. Black Static (I) 3:50
2. White Noise (II) 2:47
3. Melancholia 4:37
4. Pulse of a New Era 5:17
5. Sea of Symmetry 4:44
6. Inverted Earth (I) 2:30
  7.  Sunshift (II) 4:17
  8.  Suspended Animation 6:23
  9.  The World Without Us 4:15
10.  Resonance 2:49

Released  November 10th, 2017
Spinefarm Records, a Universal Music Company
Entheos - Dark Future 

DaBelly Host:

Dave Schwartz


Chaney Crabb – vocals (2015 – present)
Navene Koperweis – drums (2015 – present)
Evan Brewer – bass (2015 – present)
Travis LeVrier (ex-Scale the Summit) – guitar (2016 – present)

Filmed On Location:
Club Red, Mesa, AZ

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