NAMM 2018 - NEXI Pedal-Boards and Effects
By Dave Schwartz

In 2012, a bunch of frustrated guitarists and boutique analog stomp-box fanatics from Europe were really fed up, with the pedal-boards that were available on the market.  So they named themselves the “Vintage Analog Protection Squad,” found a cave, and locked the doors for almost four years.

The result is a revolutionary pedal-board for guitarists, which contains a built-in tuner, 2- channel switch, power supply and 3 step booster.  With the board they built 14 “Old School” tailor-made analog effect pedals that could be installed on the board with 1-click, onto an 8 slot pedal-board.  Plug and play!

DaBelly visited the NEXI booth and checked out all that's new for 2018.

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