Screaming BeastScreaming Beast - Our New Narrative of Hate
by Dave Schwartz

We don't do too many email interviews but sometimes email is the best way to reach out to a band and learn about them.  Screaming Beast is a young band from Manchester, UK.  They fuse heavy metal with the swagger of the deep south and it resuts in a bluesy melodic metal.

Screaming Beast began as the project of vocalist Anton War and drummer Daniel Mucs in the summer of 2013.  Once songs took shape, the band released the first EP “Blistering Lies” in February of 2014, followed by a second EP “To Assail and Conquer” in September 2015.  The bands current line up: Anton War (vocals), Daniel Mucs (guitar), Arun Kamath (guitar, backing vocals), Rory Vallely (guitar) and
Jason Hartley-Smith (bass, backing vocals) are about to release their first full length album - "Our New Narrative of Hate."

I caught up with Jason Hartley-Smith by email. 

DB: You’re set to release a new record, “Our New Narrative of Hate,” on March 23rd,  tell me about it-- how was it written?  Did you work with a producer?  Where recorded?  

JHS: The SB process is a bit odd (based on other bands that we have been in) as we contribute our ideas, anything from embryonic to fully written, then it goes to Arun who is the keeper of the music where it is tidied up ready for Dan.  No matter what we send to Dan it always comes back sounding like Screaming Beast and he won’t tell us how he does it!

When it came to recording time we are blessed that 3 of us have home studios allowing us to do a lot of recording and, using the cloud, share them with each other which is really useful as Dan is based in Sweden.  So the recording and to some extent the pre-production process was all done remotely, which when you are used to the “band in a room” process can be a little bit odd. That being said there were certainly fewer distractions. From a production point of view we all had input but Dan was definitely the ‘Producer’.

DB: Contrast the new album with your past two EPs, “Blistering Lies” and “To Assail and Conquer,” where do you feel the band has grown?  

JHS : A band should always be growing in the sense that it’s continually been exposed to new sounds, and not being afraid to take risks and try something different. We have grown immensely in terms of how we make "our" sound, we all contribute our own unique funk to the process.

The first EP’s were predominantly from Anton’s and Dan s, this latest album is truly a collection of all Screaming Beast’s members. We feel this has paid off with some sick tracks that we’re all very proud of.

DB: You just released a video for “Despair,”  tell me about it-- how did the video come together?  

JHS :  We expect that most bands are looking for ways to make videos and using anything from mobile phones to hiring pro equipment and we are no different.  It’s lucky that all of us enjoy the creative process and that this is not limited to just music, so we all have GoPro’s and DSLR’s and had started to film rehearsals and live gigs with a view to editing it all together.

We also got in touch with a local university that has a film production course to see if they were interested in doing a video with us and, as luck would have it, they were having an industry challenge where they basically get to pick a job out of a hat and get on with it, we were one of those jobs.

The students put forward a great vision for the video and we were very excited to do this. We got loads of good footage from them and we had a lot of fun recording it at Rebellion in Manchester but due to some technical issues we were unable to finish the recording.  We asked if we could use the footage they had so we could edit together the video for "Despair" with the footage we had and they were cool.  Massive thanks for that!

We are due to work with them again later in March so we can finish their version of "Despair" which we will release later in the year when its finished off.  It will be a little odd to have two versions of a video for the same song but we think the end results will be worth it.

There was a surprise for us as another team had got the challenge of filming a documentary about the making of the "Despair" video which involves interviews with us and some behind the scenes shots which is in final edit at the moment.

DB: You previously released a video for “Giving Into Fear” which is also on the new record.  Please take a moment to talk about that video as well.  

JHS : We recorded that in out old rehearsal rooms using a variety of cameras and it was done in a few takes.  The room looks really good and we really like the editing which keeps the eye interested when in reality there are a limited number of shots you can do in a single room.

It follows in the footsteps of many videos that are shot on a budget but we still strive to do something interesting and get as creative as we can in the spirit of doing the best job you can with what you got.

DB: Talk a little about the challenges of being an unsigned band in Europe.  Does being signed matter anymore?  And if so, how?  

JHS : In many respects it’s difficult, realistically there isn’t a mainstream demand for a lot of the awesome metal out there and there are a lot of bands putting out amazing music. If money is your meter of success, then the challenges are vast. However provided you write and make music for the passion of it, and on your own terms, then the challenges aren't really challenges at all.

At a certain point of success I think there is still value in being signed, but honestly it’s amazing what you can do/organise without one nowadays. Self-funded tours are almost routine now, and technology has it made it even easier in many aspects to engage with your audience.

DB: You went out on tour in November of 2017.  Who with?  Plans for additional touring in 2018?

JHS : We played the Sophie Festival at Rebellion in Manchester with a bunch of amazing bands (Evil Scarecrow,  Footprints In The Custard, The Heretic Order, Prognosis, Skeletal Damage, Terralith, Atorc, Winterfire and Chainsaw Penis) for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation ( which was our first outing with this lineup and it went down really well.

The Sophie Festival and the Foundation is a big thing in England, especially Manchester and the North West of England, as she was a girl who was beaten to death in 2007 for being different, so we all take part and the proceeds go to the foundation.

In 2018 we are looking to get out on some good support slots and play a few more festivals but that's still all in negotiations but hopefully, we can put some news out there soon.

Rest assured Screaming Beast will be amongst you at some point.

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