Follow The Cipher - Solving the Puzzle
By Dave Schwartz

I can understand if you haven’t heard of Follow the Cipher.  Although the band has been kicking around Sweden for the past 4 years, playing Masters of Rock and Sabaton Open Air Festivals in 2017 and releasing the random single on YouTube, Follow the Cipher hasn’t had a record to support, or one for you to buy – until now. 

Ken Kängström (vocals & guitars), Linda Toni Grahn (vocals), Karl Löfgren (drums), Viktor Carlsson (vocals & guitars), and Jonas Asplind (bass & vocals) are about to release their self-titled debut album – “Follow the Cipher.” 

This all started as a solo album for Kängström.  In 2012, he co-wrote “Carolus Rex” with Sabaton front man Joakim Brodén.  He also contributed some guitars to Sabaton’s “Heroes” (2014) record.  From this experience Kängström knew he wanted to release an album of his own material.  Step 1 – recruit a killer vocalist.  Step 2 – write a song that shows off your talent and abilities.  This of course would be “WinterFall” which was released in 2014.  Step 3 – Keep working, keep writing and eventually attract the attention of Nuclear Blast Records.

Want to learn more?  Watch the video and learn more about this 4-year overnight success.


No. Title Length
1 "Enter The Cipher"  
2 "Valkyria"  
3 "My Soldier"  
4 "Winterfall"  
5 "Titan's Call"  
6 "The Rising"  
7 "A Mind's Escape"  
8 "Play With Fire"  
9 "I Revive"  
10 "Starlight"  
11 "Carolus Rex"  

Released  May 11, 2018
Nuclear Blast
Follow The Cipher 

DaBelly Host:

Dave Schwartz

Follow The Cipher:

Ken Kängström (vocals & guitars)
Linda Toni Grahn (vocals)
Karl Löfgren (drums)
Viktor Carlsson (vocals & guitars)
Jonas Asplind (bass & vocals)

Filmed On Location:

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