Joyous Wolf - Blazing a New Trail
By Dave Schwartz

Joyous Wolf is a Southern California hard rock band that’s surprising many.  They are a group of 20-somethings that are twisting up and owning a genre of music that might predate their fathers.  Joyous Wolf is blazing an old school hard rock trail with the release of their first video – a cover of Leslie West and Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen.” 

I suspect that some are asking how did they got there from here?  There is a simple answer that the band shares in the interview.  Playing old school hard rock isn’t a carefully devised, diabolical plan to take over the music world.  Joyous Wolf will tell you that they are playing the music that they feel.  And the result?  Well Joyous Wolf has gone out and done the unthinkable for a previously unsigned baby band in 2018 – signed a major label deal.  Check out the interview! 

Joyous Wolf

DaBelly Host:

Dave Schwartz

Joyous Wolf:

Robert Sodaro - drums
Blake Allard - guitar
Greg Braccio - bass
Nick Reese - vocals

Filmed On Location:
Club Red in Mesa, AZ

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