LSO Halloween Ball
By Dave Schwartz 

Remember the days when you could hardly wait for Halloween?  As a kid, you were stuck in that vast wasteland somewhere between Memorial Day and oblivion; you were back in school enduring a barrage of teen drama and homework.  Ah yes, the good old days!  For many of us, we relive those days from a somewhat different perspective-- as parents.  Oh, it's the same teen drama and nightly battles with homework, but now you add to it $50 of candy and putting up decorations before you end the evening sitting on the living room floor digging through pounds of candy that your kids collected and watching TV.

As the years drift past, most of us "became more adult" and fell out of the habit of dressing for Halloween.  Most of us have resigned ourselves to believing that Halloween is for the kids.  Or is it?  If you are you tired of relinquishing yet another holiday to your children and would like to step out to an evening of ghosts and ghouls the Lifestyles Organization (LSO) may have come to your rescue.  The LSO is a company that we have featured several times and specializes in adult-orientated vacations and themed parties. This year DaBelly has been invited to their Halloween Ball.

When my wife and I were invited to the Lifestyles Halloween party we were confronted with several problems. Having had my first taste of the LSO last July at their annual convention, I was certain that this would be an evening to remember.  This being my wife's first encounter with the LSO meant that naturally there would be some questions.  Yes, it started with what to wear and quickly spread to what NOT to wear.  But perhaps the real question would be answered later.  Given DaBelly's self-imposed rules on adult-oriented subject matter, how was I going to share with you the highlights of an LSO party? Especially since everyone would want to see the costumes!  Watch closely my dear, nothing up my sleeve...

We arrived at the hotel early in the afternoon.  This gave us plenty of time to get our room, meet friends and share a beverage or two as we prepared for the evening.  Our group had decided on a Renaissance theme.  It seemed a natural fit given our love of the era.  We already owned the costumes and the women enjoy hoisting their "assets" to the sky and this allowed all of us to participate with
a level of comfort.
As we entered the party, it was refreshing to see all the imaginative costumes.  As with all LSO events, there are well-defined rules governing attire, so it's safe to say that there wasn't too much hanging out.  Yet the guests had little problem displaying their imagination.

As with every LSO event, the staff insures that every detail is first class.  Our dinner was incredible and the company at our table was well-humored and diverse.  All around, people were eager to meet and greet the other guests.  It wasn't long after the dinner that the music heated up and the dance floor filled.

The costumes, how do I describe the costumes?  There was a wide selection covering every topic from fantasy to classic to pop culture.  One woman came as a Girl Scout.  Another came as Mae West.  There was an assortment of Angels and Britney Spears clones.  One couple came as a priest and schoolgirl, while another were cowboys. There was even a couple dressed as a package and a UPS delivery girl!  The two characteristics that best identify any LSO party, energetic people and a full dance floor, were a large part of the evening.  Throughout the night, everyone we met was friendly and in good spirits.  As for us, we had a great time-- the gals danced up a storm, while us menfolk sipped beer and swapped stories. It was a nice change of routine.

All right, I know you want to see the costumes.  I can tell you that there is only one sure way.  Come to an LSO event.  You see cameras are not allowed and I'm sure you would have much more fun seeing everything in person.

Yes, by all accounts Halloween 2001 had very a sexy theme.  If you are looking for a getaway on of a more adult nature, check out the LSO Web site at A good sense of adventure and an open mind will give you a chance to learn more about yourself than you may have known.  It may also reveal the kid in you.

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