GearsGears - Tango Yankee: Saying Thank You
By Dave Schwartz

Gears is a band from Miami, FL which consists of Jimmy Wooten (drums) and Trip Six (vocals).  It’s probable that you’ve caught them live at some point as the band tours extensively.  They’ve recently released a music video for their current single, "Tango Yankee" which features Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust.  It’s a cool song that pays tribute to the men and women in our military who protect America as well as the first responders that help us all put our lives back together when things go wrong.  After a bit of phone tag, Wooten and I finally sat down and discussed all that is current and all that will be Gears. 

DB:  I’m glad that we finally got a minute to connect Jimmy.  We’ve been chasing each other around a little bit but that’s just a part of the business. 

JW:  Oh yeah, things have been a little crazy.  How are things on your end?  Good?

DB:  Yeah, we’re busy and that’s good.  Let’s talk about you.  We’re here for you, not me. (Laughs)  First of all, you have a new video out – “Tango Yankee.”  I’m really excited about the single and video.  What can you tell us about it? 
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JW:  Well, we were in the studio doing a batch of songs with long time producer and friend, Cory (Lowery – Seether, Dark Knew Day, StereoMud, Sevendust).  We were working on some stuff, some ideas first.  This was actually the last song we tracked during that session.  We kind of were thinking about subject matter.  We already had the music done.  All three of us were sitting there, Trip (Six), Cory and I.  And we were looking to do something.  At the time, Trip’s son was in the military, I have multiple family members in the military or have served in the military, I was raised by a police officer and so were wanted to do something to say thank you.  We wanted to do a tribute to them as well as giving everyone else a vehicle to say thank you as well.  So that was kind of the idea behind “Tango Yankee.”  We just started throwing lines back and forth and tracking lines to see if they worked, and if they worked we kept them.  So I think it came out pretty well.  But we really wanted to do something special and so we started thinking abut guest spots.  Who would possibly be into doing something like this?  And with Cory’s brother Clint (Lowery – Sevendust, Dark Knew Day, Seether) doing some guitar work on the record and Sevendust happened to be coming into town to do some anniversary shows in Atlanta.  So we went ahead and had Cory reach out to LJ and the rest is history.

DB:  That’s amazing to have the opportunity to meld his voice into your music and with the mixture of your voices of course.  Add to that the sentiment of the song as well.  I mean, you’ve already touched on it but the song is really deep into service.  There’s no other way of looking at it.  The men and women here in the United States, the military, the first responders who really kind of lean in and work to make America a better place.  It’s nice when they get the recognition and it’s nice when the song comes out so well.  Having that opportunity to have Lajon come out and sing the song with you guys…

JW:  Yeah, the mixture of Trip’s vocals with LJ’s vocals really compliment each other.  We’re on the road and playing support slots on bigger tours, kind of getting in front of fans, they will give us comparisons – tell us which band they think we sound like the most.  They say that they can tell that we’re really influenced by Sevendust.  An we’ll say yeah, some of our songs do have that Atlanta rock sound because those are the guys that we work with – doing the writing and producing.  It’s a compliment to hear that.  But then, when we got the original mixes back, there were a couple lines where I couldn’t tell which one of them were singing because they compliment each other so well.  They are just so very much in the same vein but there is certain unique characteristics to both of their styles that popped out at me at the same time.  So it was really interesting to listen to the rough mix and pick out who did what.  The song came out really cool.  And like you said about the service thing, this is about supporting the troops but it’s even deeper than that.  This is really about our families.  Our families, we lived through and saw all of the sacrifices that were made by the service person and their families.  I have a cousin, she’s 19 now and she just finished basic training in Texas.  We’re super proud of her.  It’s been a very interesting thing to watch.

DB:  That’s very well said Jimmy.  I imagine, of course, that this song is a part of a bigger picture.  Please talk a little bit about putting together the new music and any possible releases you have on the horizon. 

JW:  Well, actually this song, "Tango Yankee," was tracked back in 2017.  After that we kind of hit the road pretty hard.  We were out doing co-headlines and we were out with All That Remains all that summer.  So we’ve been looking for a good time to release the song.  And we have a ton of material that we’re working on right now - stuff that’s mostly done, half done, ready for release.  We occasionally get days off while out on the road.  So whenever we get a day off we try to find a studio.  When you’re on the road, every bodies playing is tight.  There’s no shaking off the rust.  The band is playing well together so it’s important for us to get those times because it’s a good way to get a good performance out of the band.  Everyone is firing on all cylinders.  It’s one of those advantages you gain from being on longer tours and stuff.  So what happens now is we have material with just the drums done or all of the music done and no vocals.  It’s all ready to finish, mix and master.  We have a bunch of stuff coming out in the coming months.  It’s probably just going to be singles for now rather than a whole batch of songs.  You know, we’re trying to keep people engaged.  With the opportunity to bring that new stuff more often rather than just dropping a record every two years.

GearsDB:  Yeah, you definitely have anticipated my question – record vs EP vs singles.  It seems like a lot of bands these days are moving into the EP realm rather than doing a full-blown record.  It’s quicker and less expensive to have new material to go out and tour on and allows you to get into the studio more frequently than the typical 2-year cycle. 

JW:  Yeah, and our band has gone through so many stages.  There has been various band members coming and going but it’s always been Trip and I from the beginning.  You kind of reinvent yourself as you time goes.  People’s attention spans are just so short.  There’s all kinds of great product at their fingertips, literally, on their phone.  So in order to remain relevant, Keep engaging people and try to maximize attractions so that we can get out to as many people as possible, I feel that you’re at more of an advantage if you’re releasing content more frequently.  Now an established artist like Slipknot or Sevendust, they already have a formula that works for them because they have had a fanbase for 20 or 25 years.  With such a dedicated fanbase, they know that fans are going to buy, or stream, or download or whatever the kids are doing these days, they are going to do that no matter what.  With records not really selling as much and having to really capitalize on the download and streaming markets, it’s just a better fit for us personally.  Releasing singles keeps us fresh.  We don’t get burnout in the studio because we’re only doing a couple of songs.  So that really gives us the opportunity to focus in and be sure that we focus on the songs and make them the best that they can be.

DB:  You mentioned the consistency of the band which is of course, you and Trip.  But I will argue that there has been a third consistent member of this band and he is your producer, Cory Lowery.  I think he has been on just about everything that you guys have done.  Take a moment and talk about his contribution to your music. 

JW:  He’s like our unofficial, official fifth member at all times!  He has been there since the beginning and he and I have known each other years and years.  He has been great.  He understands my personality and Trip is very similar to me.  He knows how to get the best performance from the both of us in the studio.  He does fabulous production work, second to none.  He’s a great song writer.  He writes the kind of stuff that he feels.  I have worked with many producers over the years and it’s very rare to find someone who knows exactly where you’re coming from, even when you can’t describe it.  We just have a weird connection there and he’s always had a super understanding of it.  He just knows us and I think that’s very important.  I agree that it’s good to get outside of your box and maybe write with some different people but if you have something that helps you put out the best product then there’s no reasons to change.

DB:  That is amazing to hear.  As you know, it’s fairly rare for a band to use the same producer for such an extended period of time.  I agree with your statement, when the formula works, why alter it? 

You are heading back out on tour.  You’ve already mentioned that.  You guys are some road dogs, out on tour a lot.  Tell us a little about the rest of 2019.

JW:  2019, The focus is really going to be on the music because we really want to get it out.  I feel like until we wrap this entire writing cycle, I will always be thinking about that.  It’s like they say, no musician ever finishes a song, they just go on to the next one.  So we’re trying to get everything caught up.  We’ve been sitting on these songs for so long that it’s exciting for us to get them out.  So that is going to be the concentration going forward but we have been tossing around the idea of going back on the road this fall.  There are no solid plans as of yet.  We definitely want to get out there.  We never want to not be playing shows.  But in order to make the shows be better we’re going to have a whole new arsenal of material to play in addition to the old stuff.

DB:  Well that is all of the questions I’ve got.  Is there anything else you want to talk about? 

JW:  No, that’s good.  I think we’ve hit about everything.  Thanks for the opportunity to share with everyone.  But I do have a question for you…

Jimmy and I sat and talked for another 20 minutes about music in general and how we share being fans of the new music coming out from, not only Gears but so many great new bands.   I want to thank Jimmy Wooten for sharing a moment with DaBelly.  Be sure to check out the new single from Gears – “Tango Yankee” and be sure to catch them live when they get back out on the road. 

No. Title Length
1. Tango Yankee 3:54

Released: April 5th, 2019
GEARS Industries, LLC
Gears - Tango Yankee 

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