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By: Sara Lambeth
Photos courtesy of Antony Hämäläinen & Daughter Chaos

Whenever you hear Antony Hämäläinen (Nightrage, Nervosia, Armageddon, Meridian Dawn, Nordjärvi) is involved in a new project, or doing guest vocals on an album, you know it is going to be awesome. When news broke a few years back about Hämäläinen collaborating with guitarist extraordinare Chris Amott (Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity) and the band Armageddon, the metal world was ecstatic.  We were blessed with  Armageddon re-recording their 1997 album, "Crossing The Rubicon'" with Hämäläinen on vocals titling the album, "Crossing The Rubicon Revisited."

 Yet, touring with Dark Tranquillity, Amott was unable to fully dedicate himself to Armageddon. This turn of events created the band Daughter Chaos which is picking up where Armageddon left off. Vocalist Hämäläinen was kind enough to tell us how Daughter Chaos came to be and what he's been up to over the last few years. 

DB: Last time we spoke, you were with Chris [Amott] recording vocals for Armageddon and living in AZ. If you don't mind sharing, why you left AZ and what you've been up to? 

AH: Sure! Yes, it was just so many years of 120 degree heat for me (laughs) . So, it was nice to get back to the East Coast and see a change in weather and be closer to family.

DB: What sparked the reason for changing the name to Daughter Chaos?

AH: We wanted to keep Armageddon special for when Chris could ever join us again on stage. Until then when you see the name Daughter Chaos you know it’s us out there still playing the songs we wrote together with Armageddon and the new stuff people haven’t heard of yet.

DB:. Can you talk about the departure of Chris and the current band lineup?

AH: Since Chris has been out with Dark Tranquillity so much it was just impossible for him to be in two places at once. They’re still touring three years for Atoma. Writing is easy today with technology but to play live you have to choose priorities and we all understood that. Chris wanted us to continue and get these songs out. He was going to come up and play with us at our first show in NYC but was in Russia with DT of course, so you can see where it can be a problem (laughs)

DB:  Are you currently in studio recording the EP for Daughter Chaos?

AH: Yes, we are. Andrew is getting us rough mixes this week actually, then after some more arguing we will hand off the mixes to Zeuss (Hatebreed, Queensr˙che) for the final master at the beginning of June. Should be out in late summer.

DB: The EP features what would have been on the next Armageddon album?

AH: Yes five songs for this EP and we have an album plus or more of material.

DB: Will Chris be a part of the recording?

AH: Just in the writing process only, the Daughter Chaos crew will handle all the recordings.

DB: What does this album mean to you personally?

AH: It feels like a great relief to finally get some of these older songs out, we worked really hard on them some years back. The Armageddon fans are gonna love it. They’ll also love to hear the new material that was gonna be on the future releases as well. 

DB: The cover art has a Van Gogh "Starry Night" vibe to it. Did you give Ibay Arifin complete artistic freedom creating the artwork, or was there a certain design idea the band wanted?

AH: From the beginning I really wanted Sara involved with the art. From the logo to the album art. She’s a very talented artist and she worked together with Ibay to create something unique and it really captures the mood of our lyrics and music. Adding futuristic landscapes with darker imagery. Some of the things the band experimented with on "Captivity" and "Rubicon" so we’re kind of picking up from where we left off there.

DB: What can we look forward to from Daughter of Chaos?

AH: Hopefully some touring in support of our EP then we should start work on the album with the last of the Amott songs mixed in with new songs. Then repeat. 

DB: Is this your only band currently, or are you working on any other projects, for example Nervosia or Meridian Dawn? 

AH: No, no side projects on the horizon, however I am currently working with a “bigger name” band. I can’t say who yet until somethings have been worked out but it’s going to shock the shit out of some people when announced (laughs).

DB You are one of the more intense vocalists, especially live. Do you recall what your first time performing in front of a crowd was like?

AH: Yes I do and it’s always kinda been like that. Somewhat intense. I guess that’s some of my personality in general. I just go with what the music tells me and try not to run out of breath in the process (laughs).

DB: What was the first song you remember learning to sing? 

AH: It was probably something by W.A.S.P.

DB: What moment in your music career means the most to you? 

AH: This is a hard question to answer I guess, because I’m still active and there are more moments to come. But I’d say maybe joining Nightrage that was and still is one of my favorite bands so it’s not every day you get to live out playing in one of your favorite bands.

DB. Do you ever check out YouTube and watch people cover Nightage (or any of your other bands) songs? If yes, what were your thoughts? 

AH: Yes. Some friends have sent me a few things, saw some cool drum covers on there, it’s great, keep 'em coming. I love making covers myself. It’s cool to hear their interpretations. Especially when it’s stuff you had a hand in writing.

DB: What would your dream tour be? 

AH: Probably to play with Metallica or maybe King Diamond. I got to open for Megadeth in Japan once so some of the bucket list has been crossed off. 

DB: What advice can you share to aspiring musicians?

AH:  Practice as much as humanly possible and never give up, even when important people in your life tell you to.

DB: Is there anything you would like to add or share?

AH: Everyone go check out Daughter Chaos on social media and all streaming apps. Hope everyone in AZ is doing well and will visit again soon. Take care!

Daughter Chaos:
Antony Hämäläinen - Vocals
Joey Concepcion - Lead Guitars
Andrew Pevny - Lead Guitars, Backing Vocals
Sara Claudius - Bass
Yanni Sofianos - Drums

Record Label: Seeing Red Records



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